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Tuesday, April 30, 2024


Chirashi & Donburi lovers, check out this newly opened shop, Tora-San, at Centerpoint. Tora-San is a Japanese dish concept that serves creative rice bowls garnished with fresh sea products in an authentic and conducive Japanese Street Dining Experience.


The shop is decorated in the line of food street and pretty interesting with Japanese furnishing. They offered 3 kinds of Sashimi dons, Chirashi Don, Bara-Chirashi Don & Kaisendon (Kaisen San).  

Interior of Tora-San

They highlight the quality and variety of ingredients used in the dish, emphasising a harmonious balance of flavours. Tora-San aims to give diners a memorable and satisfying choice of a Japanese street dining experience.  

Interior Of Tora-San


Impressive menu with more than 50 dishes available. Do check out their Don Buri as well as the Chirashi.


Enjoy the sides of 2 Mentaiyaki Aka Ebi where they were flamed torched perfectly cooked to retain its natural flavours as much as possible. Aka Ebi is one of the common sashimi prawns where one can enjoy them raw. The combination of Mentaiyaki sauce greatly added flavour with its thick creamy sauce.

Mentaiyaki Aka Ebi - $7.90

Tora-King Chirashi Don is a popular dish as recommended by the server. The presentation was enticing with different colors of premium seafood like Salmon, Hamachi, Hotate, Zuwaigani, Anago, Tuna and other ingredients. The use of Anago instead of Unagi gave a balance palate in terms of texture and flavour, overall giving a dining satisfaction.

Tora-King Chirashi Don - $29.90

Mount Fuji Kaisen San was literally a mountain with fresh cubes of Sashimi with shredded zuwaigani, imitating the snow covering the mountain. There are also Hotate Sahimi with ikura.

Mount Fuji Kaisen San - $26.90

We each was offered a bowl of complimentary Miso Soup to pair with the mains. The Miso soup was tasty and packed full of ingredients like mushroom, carrot, radish etc.

Complimentary Miso Soup

We had the Truffle Seafood Chawanmushi as a side too. The Truffle topped the hot wobbly cup of Chawanmushi.

Truffle Seafood Chawanmushi - $8.90

It was fragrant, addictive and we emptied it in a short while.

Washing down the meal, we ordered the Iced Honey Citron Soda as well as the hot 

Iced Honey Citron Soda & Hot Honey Citron Drink - $6.90 & $5.90

Thank you Jimmy and Tora-San for the invitation.

The Centerpoint, 176 Orchard Road #03-44, Singapore 238843

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