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Monday, July 27, 2015

BuckTile St. Cafe [Closed]

BuckTile St. Cafe is nestled among the landed estate, this is one place which I would have never venture into if not for my friend recommendation. However if you were there by bus, just drop off at the bus stop at AYE and with less than 5 minutes walk, you should be there.

Exterior of the shop front looked quite English with wood planks decked up and with its colorful lighting hanging around their red window frame makes me look merry as if Christmas is around the corner.

BuckTile Cafe
Interior was relaxing and cosy suitable for children. You get to see some of the antiques on the shelves too.

What caught my attention was this little corner where you get to see a big gorilla in a baby cot look so sad. I find it rather amazing to see such stuff toy around.

Baby Gorilla in a Cot
On the left side of the baby cot and over the counter, there is a pin up board where you can hang your bucket list. Just below it, there is a counter where patrons are free to help themselves with unlimited cups of lemon infused water. Utensils, serviettes and sauce are available too.

Bucket List
Display Shelf
Wifi Connection is generally good and with a strong reception in the cafe. With its interesting decors around, it make the place "instagrammable" immediately with such free connection.

Free Wifi
Menus are readily available on every table and there is an adjustable calendar desktop decoration where patrons can tune to the date and upload a picture onto the social media. Isn't it cool?

Upon drinking the Mocha Caramel Latte ice, I found that it was rather bland and I could not taste any caramel. Also, the Mocha flavour was not enough.

Mocha Caramel Latte (Cold) - $8
With Chocolate in the cup, I was expecting something chocolate instead of coffee. The cup of chocolate mint latte was more coffee taste and mint than anything chocolate.

Chocolate Mint Latte (Hot) - $7
I'm here to check out what's the rave about their blue velvet cake. Cake was not totally blue but towards a greener blue with sweet white cream in between the 3 layers of cake. It was velvety and moist, not very sweet. However, I find that the layer of white cream together with its rainbow sprinkle was for the sweet tooth. Add some chocolate fudge to the cake and enjoy the taste.

Blue Velvet Cake - $6.90

Another Instagram worthy item will be their Tiramisu which is served in a little pot. It was an interesting way of serving, topped with half strawberry among the leaves and sweeten cocoa powder. If it was being left alone on the table, I would have thought it was a pot of plant with soil. Though it gain some points in its presentation, the taste of the Tiramisu was not really within my expectation. It lacked the aroma from the Espresso and the creamy texture from the Mascapone Cheese, a far bit from the usual authentic Tiramisu we had / made.

Original Tiramisu - $5.90
Hidden among the landed estates, the place can be sad a little quiet but rather peaceful at night. With its Wifi connection readily available and under such wonderful environment, it create a good atmosphere for group gatherings. Furthermore, the place is child friendly, equipped with card games, story books and even board games are available. I dont mind spending my weekends relaxing in BuckTile seriously.

Rating: 3 / 5 

BuckTile St. Cafe
Location: 104 Faber Drive Singapore 129412

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