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Monday, December 4, 2023

Let's Kinn Bro

 Revisiting Let's Kinn Bro for Thai Food with the pals this time but on a Weekday evening.

Let's Kinn Bro

We were served by an attentive & friendly server, giving a pleasant start to our dinner for the evening.


Enjoy the River Prawn Seafood Mama Hot Pot. The dish combines the richness of River Prawns with the comforting flavours of Mama Noodles in the Tom Yum Soup Base hotpot.  Ingredients of the hot pot include Lala, Enoku Mushroom, Shitake Mushrooms, Squids, prawns and egg.

River Prawn Seafood Mama Hot Pot - $42.90

The taste of the soup was indeed addictive in its spicy and sour notes. It left us wanting for more. 

Refillable Soup

The biggest prawns among the rest and the star in the hotpot! The meat was succulent and springy.

Big Prawn

We enjoyed the Thai-style steamed Seabass with lemon. The dish is light and flavourful, featuring the natural taste of the fish. The meat was delicate and was well soaked in the seasoning with the right amount of spice as well as garlic. 

Thai Steam Seabass with Lemon - $29.90

Their Moo Ping was juicy and tasted sweet in its marinade. Meat was springy and tasted awesome.

Thai Moo Ping - $3.90 Each

We had paired these pipping hot Prawn Cakes with the Thai Sweet and spicy Chilli Sauce. The prawn cakes are delicious and succulent, served 4 on a plate. 

Prawn Cakes - $13.50

We ordered the most popular and flavourful street food in Thailand, Thai Grilled Pork Neck. It was marinated and paired with sweet sauce. It would be better if it tasted more smokey. 

Thai Grilled Pork Neck - $13.50

A delicious dessert made with sweet and fresh mango slices with a bed of blue pea glutinous rice and coconut milk. The sticky rice is sweetened and drizzled with fragrant coconut milk to enjoy together with creamy and flavourful ripe mango Slices.

Mango Sticky Rice - $9.90

Let's Kin Bro
Crown Centre, 557 Bukit Timah Rd, #01-14 Singapore 269694

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