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Sunday, August 20, 2023

Huei Ge Duck Rice

I learnt of Huei Ge Braised Duck Rice a few years back when I was at the place for the Original Botak Jones which is located just 2 stalls away. The stall was seen very busy with long queues and there are only 2 men on the job with one chopping the meat and handling the braised ingredients while the other is preparing noodles and rice. 

Huei Ge Duck Rice

We ordered Kway Chap for 2 Pax and topped up our meal with braised duck. The braised sauce over the braised ingredients was definitely generous and awesome. The plate includes braised pork belly, braised duck, eggs, peanuts, intestines as well as fish cakes.

Kway Chap with Braised Duck - $13 

While some places had the base of the ingredients decked up by a bed of cucumbers, Huei Ge had just 2-3 pieces of them only. These were absolutely value for money and perhaps that explains the length of the queue. 

On the other hand, the bowls of Kway were topped to the brim with tasty soup as well as some braised sauce on it. 

Braised Items with Braised Duck

Despite the non-ending queue, Huei Ge's attitude towards customers still remains cool and smiley. There was no frowning or anger seen coming out from the busy hawker and instead, he apologised for our wait. 

Altogether, we waited about 45 minutes for our food. There are about 15 pax ahead of me and in between, there were some takeaway orders too. As they were located right next to the toilet, there were intermittent toilet odour lingering in the passage where our queue is.

If you asked if it is worth the wait, I will nod my head. However, if you are in a rush for time, you may want to seek an alternative from their neighbouring stall. I will very much like to give their braised duck rice a try if I ever get a chance to be back here. Huei Ge's Kway Chap is on the top of my list now. 

Rating: 4 / 5

Huei Ge Duck Rice
118 Depot Lane, Singapore 109754

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