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Thursday, August 24, 2023

Let's Kinn Bro [Media Invite]

While I was at Crown Centre a few weeks back ago, I noticed this Thai Food Place and had it marked in my mind for my next Thai Food Place to go. Let's Kinn Thai started their first outlet in Tanjong Pagar and is popular for their signature Seafood Mama Tom Yum Hot Pots. This is their newest outlet in the West located in Crown Centre with the name Let's Kinn Bro.

557 Crown

There is also a bar and bites corner for drinks with high chairs. 

Bar & Bites

The Interior was brightly lited and modernly furnished, leading me to feel comfortable in that environment.

Cha Yen! One of the drinks not to be missed out while having Thai Cuisine! Love the strong taste of Tea and was not too milky. Best of all, the sweetness level was good. These drinks might be good to neutralise the spiciness in the Thai Food too.

Thai Milk Tea - $3.50

When it comes to Thai Snacks, Moo Ping is always my favourite choice! The Moo Ping was juicy and sweet tasting. Love that the meat was quite packed and the bite texture was springy with its marinade.

Thai Moo Ping - $3.90 Each

Perfectly steamed fish with succulent meat. The base was addictive in its sour notes from the Thai Lemon and the lemongrass had given it a light fragrance to the dish apart from the tad mild spicy tones from the garlic slices as well as the chilli. 

Thai Steam Seabass with Lemon - $29.90

With the steaming cooking style, the freshness of the fish has been brought out and yes, I do not mind just having the whole fish alone for it tasted refreshing and flavourful.

Succulent Fish Meat

Here's the trending Mama Hot Pot! Hearty pot of rich red Tom Yum broth that gave us spicy, savoury, sweet and sour notes. The assortment of seafood includes Mussels, Squid, River Prawn, prawns and clams.

River Prawn Seafood Mama Hot Pot - $42.90

I love Mama Noodles and these noodles were best consumed with them soaked up the broth. Slurp!

Mama Noodles

The river prawn was yummy and plump. Other than seafood, there are lettuce, mushrooms and enoki shrooms.

Do you want some too?


Let's Kinn Bro is a good spot for an authentic Thai meal. Besides the good range of Thai Food they have, they also offer a good range of alcoholic beverages.

Thank you Let's Kin Bro & The PR Salon for the invitation.

Let's Kin Bro
Crown Centre, 557 Bukit Timah Rd, #01-14 Singapore 269694

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