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Friday, September 22, 2023

Grumpy Goat & Friends Forest Feast Cafe

A last-minute decision into our neighbouring country caught me off guard as I could not decide where to have our meals for there were simply too many choices. We visited Grumpy Goat & Friends and I was impressed by the unique facade - a shelter over the glass panels. The cafe is a building standing on its on and 

Grumpy Goat & Friends

The ambience and decor of the entire place were Instagram-worthy. 

Take a Seat

Take a walk outside the Air-Conditioned Dining Area and we enjoyed the decorations along the way.

Next to Toilet

The space was big and ideal for celebrations /gatherings in groups.

Rest and Relax here

There are wooden colourful chairs for photo taking with your friends too.

The Place Where Friends Meet

Cement screed flooring gave an industrial feel while the wood structures and glass panels gave a garden environment. Not only that, these glass panels also allow natural light into the cafe which brightens up the day even more, especially during the scorching hot weather. 

Dine here

The bricks and charming wood interior were comfortable. Furnishing, as well as decor fittings, were cosy. There are a few long tables, suitable for communal dining too. 

Gatherings here

A good blend of Raspberry, wild berry and milk topped with syrup and whipped cream.

Berries Yogurt - RM 26.39

We had the Chocolate Banana too.  Its a simple blend of chocolate, banana and milk topped with chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

Chocolate Banana - RM 24.27

A good snack to kick start the meal with Grumpy Goat Melange Mix Seafood Snack. It offers sweet potato fries, clams, calamari and prawns. It was appetizing to dip these fried snacks into the sweet and sour sauce.

Grumpy Goat Melange Mix Seafood Snack - RM 30.63

Made up of Macaroni, creamy cheese sauce with chicken slices as well as carrot cuts. This Carbonara was only available during specific time which is Lunch and Dinner timing.

Chicken Macaroni Carbonara - RM 27.45

We wait some time for the Pan Grilled Lamb Shoulder. It was fragrant and paired with buttery fragrant vegetables and mashed potato bed. It can be served with Black Pepper or Mint Sauce.

Pan Grilled Lamb Shoulder - RM 47.70

The Cafe was worth the drive there if you looking for Instagram Worthy Places. The ambience made me feel calm and comfortable. I guess I would not mind going back again.

Grumpy Goat & Friends Forest Feast Cafe
 Gravity Green, 02, Jln Suria, Bandar Baru Seri Alam, 81750 Masai, Johor, Malaysia

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Zhan Yuan Pig Organ Soup 展源猪杂汤

We visited Zhan Yuan Pig Organ Soup as I'm craving for Pig Organ Soup. With a good number of selections on the menu, diners can get to choose either rice or noodles as well as dishes like their signature pork trotter rice. 

Zhan Yuan Pig Organ Soup 展源猪杂汤

Here's our order. We ordered the yam rice and it was kind of plain. Thus if you are looking for a stronger taste of yam rice, you may want to take up their plain rice instead.

Our Meal - $20.80

Sweet and yummy cabbage as well as carrot was softened. However, the pieces of cabbage were big and it would be better to have them served in smaller pieces.

Cabbage - $1.20

Saw these peanuts taken out from the canned food. They are a good side to our meal too.

Peanuts - $1.20

The Pig's Trotter was well-braised and tender. The braised sauce was simply good to go with our bowl of rice.

Pig's Trotter - $6

By tasting the Braised Large Intestine, one will know that a lot of effort has been given to ensure that it tastes clean without any gamey taste. It was well braised and there is no doubt about its cleanliness. 

Braised Large Intestine - $6

Pig organ soup has a good blend of flavours and tasted appetizing till the point I could not resist drinking that bowl of soup spoon after spoon. The broth serves as a canvas for a medley of ingredients, from tender slices of pork liver to the earthy chunks of pork stomach. Simply love it.

Pig Organ Soup - $5

Even though it was a one-man show during my visit, the uncle was friendly and he is a fast worker with queues cleared swiftly. We do not mind to be back again.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Zhan Yuan Pig Organ Soup
Seah Im Food Center, 2 Seah Im Rd, #01 27, Singapore 099114

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Uncle Louis Chicken Rice

If you are a fan of the XO Fish Noodles of this Dover Crescent Coffeeshop, I bet you are no stranger to the snaky queue up in front of Uncle Louis Chicken Rice Stall. In fact, this is the most popular stall in the coffee shop that demands a wait for half an hour. No doubt that they are always packed with such a crowd, but the stall owner remains polite and humble. I was there early and was first in the queue even before the stall opened for that day.

Stall of Uncle Louis

We ordered Roast Duck, Char Siew and Poached Chicken with Gizzard. The rice was fragrant and flavourful. The chicken was well executed and dipping them into the chilli was yummy.

3 Kinds of Meat

 The Char Siew has sweet and savoury notes with subtle smokiness from the BBQ. The pork was well marinated, resulting in a symphony of tastes that linger on the palate. This sweet blend of savoury and smoky char siew is a must-order!

Char Siew

We added an additional dollar for the gizzards. For the roast duck, we find that its quite ordinary even though it still tasted on the delicious side in the thin crispy skin.

Roast Duck

The soups are free and I'm pretty impressed with the taste as it tasted as though you are buying additional steamed soup. It was sweet tasting with pork and not diluted.

3 Meat and 1 Gizzard - $13

For the price that we are paying, its quite reasonable for the standard for food and portion.
For the next visit, I would like to order the Roast Chicken and Roast Pork if there is a chance.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Uncle Louis Chicken Rice
 19A Dover Cres, Singapore 131019

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Fei Ji Claypot

 Fei Ji Claypot has been in Loyang Point food court for many years and I was told that it's very popular. Though there are many eateries in this small neighbourhood mall, I decided to give this stall a try.

Stall of Fei Ji Claypot

I was recommended to try their Claypot Sesame Chicken. The portion of chicken was quite generous and the taste was not as robust. There was no hint of the fragrance of Sesame Chicken and I thought it was more of Claypot Braised Chicken than Sesame Chicken. 

Claypot Sesame Chicken

The food was decent and I find that the portion is good for a serving of 2 pax. Their service was friendly.

Sesame Claypot Chicken

Rating: 3 / 5

Fei Ji Claypot
Loyang Point, 259 Pasir Ris Street 21, Singapore 510259

Monday, September 18, 2023

The Werkx Cafe [Media Invite]

The Werkx started off as a small studio where people come together and have a great time engaging in hands-on activities. With positive responses, it led them to search for good coffee, teas and food.

The Werkx Cafe

The environment was unique, a place of creative inspiration where people can chill, relax and spend a wonderful time not only enjoying good food and beverages but also getting involved in the range of creative activities they offer.

Do It Yourself

It has a pleasant ambience and they have a good range of activities involving pottery, leather craft, candle making and more, making The Werkx a perfect spot.

A look into the Workshop

Spend quality time to create memories together and experience the spark of joy that inspires one another.


DIY Corner

Beside having craft activities in the cafe, cafe hoppers can get to enjoy some games and interact among themselves.


The Caramel Macchiato is a delightful beverage that marries the allure of espresso with the indulgence of caramel. It might be a tad too sweet for us who prefer our coffee to be on the less saccharine side. Nonetheless, the Caramel Macchiato smelled good and gave a burst of contrasting sensations on the first sip.

Caramel Macchiato - $7.50

Sourdough lovers will love to have this! It has an enviable texture that combines a crisp, golden brown crust with an airy and chewy interior. 

Sourdough - $4.80

The waffles boast a subtly sweet flavour that pairs harmoniously with the drizzle of maple syrup. We enjoyed it for the perfect crispiness and fluffiness. The soft interior unveils its fluffy core and we enjoyed each bite with a little sweetness from the icing sugar.

Waffles with Maple Syrup - $9.80

Drizzling of Velvety maple Syrup

Invited by The Werkx Cafe & Scale Micro-Influencer.

The Werkx Cafe
232 River Valley Rd, Singapore 238290

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Nanyang Old Coffee

One of the places to get a cup of traditional coffee in Singapore which is seen to be one of the tourist hot spots too.

Nanyang coffees are often served in small cups or glasses. It's a popular choice for breakfast or as a midday pick-me-up. Enjoy the coffee with their local traditional breakfast items like eggs and toast.

Breakfast Set

Enjoy the traditional breakfast with half-boiled eggs in the bowl and crispy toast sandwiched with butter and kaya. 

Toasts and Eggs

Take a look at the 2nd Floor Museum via the wooden stairways. You will get to have some nostalgic feel with some old Chinese lanterns hanging and some sepia / black & white portraits.

Stairway to Museum on 2nd Floor

The place has an old-school feel with furniture that reminds me of our grandparents. It is insta-worthy.


It will be a good place for coffee as well as some other local food after exploring Chinatown. 

Nanyang Old Coffee
Location: 268 South Bridge Road Singapore 058817

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Wan He Lou

Wan He Lou is located just beside the popular Heng Hwa Cuisine Restaurant, Ming Chung among those historical-looking facades in Maude Road. They are serving Chinese Cuisine at an affordable pricing and their award-winning Lobster Porridge has been the pride of the restaurant. If you are looking for Lobster Porridge as well as some mouth-watering Chinese dishes, do visit them.

Wan He Lou

Interior of Wan He Lou gave a quiet and peaceful surrounding. The big round tables are a good resembles of Chinese culture where we people will like to gather around on the round table enjoying our food.

Dining Environment

The menu retains a traditional book of dishes written in English, Chinese and Japanese without any picture illustration. Nonetheless, their menu was extensive.

Wan He Lou 

Lobster Porridge is a delicious and flavourful dish that combines the richness of lobster with the comfort of porridge. Wan He Lou offers two sizes with approximately 450g of lobster at $45 and approximately 700g of lobster at $69.

Signature Lobster Porridge 招牌龙虾粥- $45

This luxurious and comforting dish is aromatic and packed full of Chinese wine.  The superior yellow broth by Chef Lau gave the umami taste and sweetness of lobster with the soothing porridge warms the tummy, satiating the appetite.


We enjoyed such indulgence in this delightful seafood dish. It is not only suitable for special occasions but also for normal times like this to pamper oneself a bit after a day's work.


The Ice Plant with cherry tomatoes was appetizing. The soft and crunchy texture from the plant was definitely inviting and on top of that there was a mix of cut dragonfruit cubes with roasted sesame dressing, creating a refreshing dish!

Ice Plant 冰菜 - $20 

The small portion of their Golden Seafood "Pot Sticker" was a please. Served in a plate of 6 on a bed of piquant sauce, it whet my appetite for more. 

Wan He Lou Golden Seafood "Pot Sticker" 萬合樓海鲜锅贴 - $12

Each "pot sticker" was topped with bright orange egg roes and its crispy soft wrap had encased the seafood so well.

Picking up the Pot Sticker

The signature chicken was deeply fried to crispiness and coated with ample homemade sweet sauce. 

 Signature Chicken 至尊招牌鸡 - $14.90

Just like the traditional Chinese restaurants, we ended our meal with a dessert, Thai Coconut Pudding. It was topped with a scoop of coconut ice cream, adorned by mint leaves. 

Thai Coconut Pudding 椰子布丁- $11.90

Thank you Lao Niang Agency and Wan He Lou for the Invitation.

Wan He Lou
 65 Maude Rd, Singapore 208347