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Friday, February 23, 2024

Pastaria Abate

While we were searching for the pasta to fix the cravings, we came across Pastaria Abate which received pretty good reviews on social media. Pastaria Abate is dedicated in fresh handmade pasta using fresh ingredients and making it at an affordable price. They served homestyle Italian dishes with family recipes passed down over generations. 

Interior of Pastaria Abate

We were sipping these drinks waiting for our food to be served. 

Iced Cappuccino & White Peach Cooler - $7.90 & $8.80

The flame-grilled pork belly is lightly salted and I'm surprised by the crisp exterior when I sink my teeth into it. The thickness of the pork belly was just a little thick and it is super tender and super juicy. The dish was paired with some vegetables as a side. 

Italian Grilled Pork Belly - $16.80

If you are coming here for Pasta, there are 3 Categories of pasta for customers to choose, 100% Egg Pasta, Dried Pasta and Fresh Specialty Pasta. They can be served with Cream Sauce, Red Sauce or White Wine Sauce.Altogether, they have more than 20 kinds of pasta for you to choose from too.

I had Al Ragu under the Red Sauce Section and pairing it with Pappardelle from the 100% Egg Pasta. Not many pasta places served Pappardelle and Al Ragu is also one of the recommended Pasta on its menu.

Al Ragu - $28.80

This traditional chunky beef stew sauce was slow to cook for 12 hours. The texture of the Pappardelle gained nods from us and the thickness of the Pappardelle was slimmer 


Opted the dried pasta, Linguine, to go with Carbonara. The Linguine was cooked to Al Dente Perfection, uniformly covered in light cream sauce. The Carbonara comes with chunky bacon bits and topped with a poached egg.

Carbonara - $28.80

While this classic italian dessert is often known for its intense, rich and indulging flavour. We find that their traditional Tiramisu was lacking of the strong flavour that we were seeking for despite of its light mascarpone cheese.
Traditional Tiramisu - $12.80

No doubt that texture is flavoursome to us, taste like espresso was lacklustre. We find that if it has alcohol in it, it could make it better.

Tiramisu Layers

With them serving fresh, authentic and delightful pasta, we had finally found a place to fix our cravings.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Pastaria Abate
86 Neil Rd, Singapore 088846

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Shen & Co Cafe

Shen & Co is located at a very strategic location, at one of the exits of Beauty World MRT Station. It's a boutique cafe adorned with antiquated collections. 

Shen & Co

The Home Made Lemonade was very sour for me, nonetheless I managed to finish more than half the cup while pineapple smoothie is quite refreshing.

Home Made Lemonade with Berries & Pineapple Smoothie - $5 & $7

A popular dish among us. Not many places will serve such a traditional plate of delicacies. This plate of Bee Hoon is cooked in flavourful broth with tender stewed pork, vegetables and various seasonings. The flavour is good with a richness and depth of flavour of the aromatic stewed pork. It was topped with fried crackers, and fried egg accompanied by some greens. 

Stewed Pork Bee Hoon - $9

With their good reviews, if we happened to be around that area again, we would like to try out other items on the menu.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Shen & Co Cafe
 140 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #01-01, Singapore 588176

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Lai Chi Mian 来吃面

If you are a fan of Minced Meat Noodle aka Bak Chor Mee, you will definitely have heard of Lai Chi Mian as they have quite several stalls around. We visited the stall in Jurong Gateway, located just in the same coffee shop as the popular Roast Paradise stall.

Our Minced Meat Noodle Order 

The Grilled Pork Liver dish is something I'm eyeing for besides our main dishes. For those who enjoy and appreciate the unique flavour and texture of liver, you should not miss this. The liver though charred at some edges, retains its succulency and tenderness within the bite.  It is thick and yummy! 

Grilled Pork Liver 烤猪肝 - $6

We had their  Minced Meat Noodle and the set of bowl and our favourite Mee Pok just hit us at the right spot. Lai Chi Mian is known for its super tender thick pieces of liver, featuring a perfectly soft cooked texture. We had Mee Pok tossed in both chilli and ketchup sauce. Elevating the bowl of noodles will be the handful of fried pork lards and spring onions. 

Minced Meat Noodle - $5

Their soup base is sweet and definitely comforting to the stomach. Minced Meat, meatballs and lean meat were the ingredients making up this bowl of tasty soup.


With its popularity and the love for tender livers, many of us will love such serving of noodles at pocket friendly pricing too.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Lai Chi Mian
132 Jurong Gateway Rd, Singapore 600132

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Xin Sheng Ngoh Hiong Prawn Cracker (新生五香虾饼)

We agreed to fix our Ngoh Hiong Prawn cravings and decided to head towards Taman Jurong Hawker Center for this popular stall. Xin Sheng Ngoh Hiong Prawn Cracker is now taken over by their 3rd Generation.

Xin Sheng Gor Hiong Prawn Cracker 

We grabbed the pair of tongs and started to pile up our plates with Ngoh Hiong as well as prawn crackers. They have transparent pricing with items labelled on the board. 

Our Meal

Most of the staples we ordered were great but something missing from the meal that left me a bit disappointed that I could not find the Homemade Sausage aka “guan chang", the one that usually comes in bright red pork links in an intestine casing. 

The Bee Hoon is great and comforting, feels like having a plate of home-style fried bee hoon.

Comforting Plate of Bee Hoon

We were glad that though these are fried items, they were not too greasy. The search of Ngoh Hiong will continue as cravings have not been fully fixed.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Xin Sheng Gor Hiong Prawn Cracker (新生五香虾饼)
Taman Jurong Food Centre, 3 Yung Sheng Rd, #03-163, Singapore 618499

Monday, February 19, 2024

Bing Tang Tang Shui 冰糖糖水办公室

We have been hearing about this office theme Dessert place ever since Bing Tang Tang Shui Office had jumped onto the bandwagon of unique themed cafe in Singapore offering their retro office inspired interior with nostalgic furnishings. 

Bing Tang Tang Shui Office

Upon stepping into the 80s kind of office that we used to see in the dramas. Every corner of this quaint space has been re-created to an 80s office environment.

Office Meeting In Progress

Bing Tang Tang Shui is located just a bus ride away from Lentor MRT, deep in the estate of Thomson Hills drive.

Table & TV

If you are looking for some unique and Instagram-worthy place that gave you a nostalgic feel of the past, do check out this office. 

Boss Office

Not my typical bowl of Cheng Tng for it came with Pink Rose Infusion. Its a symphony of flavours made with sugar cane, dried candied mandarin orange, and rose jelly. 

Cheng Tng (Pink Rose Infusion) - $8.80

The subtle caramel taste in the jelly added a depth while the orange zest gave a citrusy punch allowing a unique bowl of dessert. Last but not least the tangy candied mandarin orange had given the bowl of Cheng Tng complexity in flavour. 

Ingredients from the Pink Rose Infusion Cheng Tng

What a beautiful creation with Osmanthus infusion. Soft, chewy taro balls, purple goji jelly, wild blueberries and attap seeds are hidden below the bed of crushed ice. 

Purple Goji Taro (Osmanthus Infusion) - $12.50

The dessert is drizzled with a sweet and tart purple goji berry syrup and topped with fragrant fermented rice "jiu niang" milk sauce infused with Hakka yellow wine and lemon zest, finished with a light osmanthus caramel. 


Its quite nice to see places like this with an uncommon theme incorporating some old-school elements to create a truly exclusive dining experience. Though the desserts may be on the steeper side and the location is quite out of place, the charm of such an eccentric environment will still draw people like me who love such traditional Chinese charm.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Bing Tang Tang Shui 冰糖糖水办公室
15 Thomson Hills Dr, Singapore 574759

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Takagi Ramen One-North

Ushering the Lunar New Year in the Year of Dragon 2024, many eateries have juiced up their creativity by offering interesting and tantalising dishes on their menu. Let's look at what Singapore's ever-first 24-hour ramen Dining Concept, Takagi Ramen, is offering. 

Takagi Ramen - Ramen for the average Singaporean

They are featuring an innovation of Ramen to another level with the Pumpkin & Tomato Series.

Pumpkin & Tomato Ramen Series

Takagi Ramen's version of Pumpkin flavour-infused Tonkotsu Ramen was pretty savoury to me. The broth is of a good texture and thick consistency to my liking. Topped with thick pieces of bacon slices adorned by the tender pieces of pumpkin and a great giant piece of Nori Seaweed which creates a delectable unique ramen flavour as well as experience. 

Bekon Pumpkin Ramen 

This Konnyaku Tomato Ramen is Takagi's very first vegetarian ramen dish. The tomato-based broth reminded me of our Chinese New Year Meal's Steamboat where it is thick and tangy. Takagi had it condensed and thickened over long hours. The ramen was served with tangy tomatoes, QQ konnyaku jelly topped with a giant piece of Nori Seaweed.

Konnyaku Tomato Ramen

Pairing the Ramen with the festive drinks, they served Joyful Lychee and Lucky Pineapple Ice Blended.
For their Joyful Lychee was Oat Milk Ice Blended with fresh, sweet lychee. The oat milk was smoothly blended seamlessly offering us a refreshing cup of Lychee drink symbolising sweet happiness.

While Pineapple often symbolises Wealth. Takagi Ramen wants us to "huat" into this new year with their new pineapple and oat milk ice blended drink.

Joyful Lychee & Lucky Pineapple Ice Blended

With Takagi Ramen being popular for its 24Hrs Ramen Operating concept, patrons can enjoy a hot bowl of Ramen even when hunger pangs in the night. With 11 outlets in Singapore, more than half is operating around the clock. 

Takagi Ramen is also doing a give away of 20,000 bowls of free ramen as part of its Chinese New Year (CNY) fundraising efforts throughout February 2024. For every donation of $5 or more, patrons can relish a mouth-watering bowl of Menma Shoyu Ramen worth $6.90. This initiative is available for dine-in only from 2pm - 6pm daily at Takagi Ramen's Dhoby Ghaut and Marine Parade Central outlets. 

Takagi Ramen One-North
1 Fusionopolis Way, #B1-12 Connexis, Singapore 138632

Saturday, February 17, 2024

OK Chicken Rice & Humfull Laksa (West Coast)

Ok Chicken Rice and Humfull Prawn Laksa is a halal-certified chicken rice and laksa chain known to produce food using the best ingredients. Priding themselves on providing Award Chinese Authentic Cuisine to neighbourhoods that serve traditional Chinese customers and also conform to stricter dietary requirements without compromising their quality. They have been awarded 5 stars by BestFoody Singapore for 2023! To date, they have 12 stalls across the island.

OK Chicken Rice & Humfull Laksa

Here we are, pointing to various dishes on the menu and had them on our table.

Our Meal

Chicken Char Siew was sweet and savoury. The glossy red appearance makes it look appetising. The texture remains tender and the taste is addictive.

Char Siew Chicken - $7

We also have their Braised egg and Tofu.

Braised Egg + Tofu - $1 + $1

The vegetables were blanched then drenched with seasoning, followed by topping with fried shallot.  A simple dish that went so well with the plate of chicken rice. 

Vegetables (Xiao Bai Cai) - $3.50

Tender and succulent steam chicken was served with fragrant chicken rice tucked with some vinegared cucumber which gave a refreshing note to the popular and comforting dish in Singapore.

Steam Chicken Rice 

With 3 kinds of Laksa from the menu, Hum Laksa, Prawn Laksa and Chicken Laksa, its quite hard to decide which to have, thus we ended up with prawn Laksa topping up the order with "hum". The prawns were fresh and came with fish cake and half a boiled egg. The laksa broth is rich and aromatic. Its not spicy and overall taste was pretty indulging. 

Prawn Laksa + Hum - $6.50 + $2.50

The guy who manned the stall was friendly and service with a smile despite the constant incoming orders. 

OK Chicken Rice & Humfull Laksa (West Coast)
501 W Coast Dr, Singapore 120501