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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Fong Sheng Hao 豐盛號 (Westgate)

The pal has casually talked about our next meet-up at Fong Sheng Hao 豐盛號 but we only actualized this many months later and Taiwanese Snacks here we go!

Fong Sheng Hao 豐盛號 

The place was quite packed in the morning and we had to sit somewhere near the kitchen.


The perk of sitting right next to the kitchen opening is we get to see our order immediately on the waiting area before the buzzer rings.

Grab your food here

The classic dish features seasoned pork belly served over steamed rice, coupled with braised egg and preserved vegetables. It was slow braised in soy sauce and imparts a savoury taste to the dish.

Soy Stewed Pork Rice 台湾焢肉饭 - $9.30

Their Toast had undergone the heating of charcoal fire thus the black burnt marks on it. We had a pork floss Condensed milk egg set. It was yummy and filling. 

Pork Floss, Condense Milk Egg Set - $7.10

These are not those packet sausages that we can buy off our usual supermarkets' shelves. This popular street food in Taiwan has a distinctive sweet and savoury taste, it is plump and juicy. I'm glad that it fixed my Taiwan Sausage craving.

Taiwan Sausage 台湾香肠 - $4.90

While we wanted to order Crepe for instance but it was sold out. We ordered their Taiwan Turnip Cake and shared it between us. It was soft and pretty ordinary.

Taiwan Turnip Cake - $3.90

The Taiwanese Pork Chop is a popular and delicious dish. I love its comforting and satisfying breaded fried pork chop served over a bed of steamed rice with pickled cucumber. The combination of textures are to die for, the crispy exterior of the pork chop against the softness of rice and the seasonings of the Pork Chop made the dish so yummy.

Taiwanese Pork Chop Rice - $11.20

The beverages are priced better if you are ordering their mains. 

Kopi O & Signature Milk Tea- $2.20 & $5.40

The place is not well-ventilated. After having a meal there, I'm reek of the food smell. 

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Fong Sheng Hao 豐盛號 (Westgate)
Westgate, 3 Gateway Dr, #01-08, Singapore 608532

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