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Why UMakeMeHungry?

My usual feedback from friends and colleagues who tell me that "U make me hungry" whenever I walk pass them instead of greeting me with just "Hi" or "Hello". The first thought that comes to their mind is that I had make them hungrier by luring them into my food albums updated frequently on the timeline. Gradually, I have become their food dictionary.

Moo Moo

The blog was represented by a cow with its tongue sticking out indicating its "Tam Jiak" (insatiable food cravings) nature just like the author.

Well, it's all about food that I cannot stop having. :) After posting so many food photos on my Facebook albums for years (currently having 5 full Albums & counting), I finally decided to pen all my thoughts and experiences down on a Blog and this was how "umakemehungry" was formed on September 2013.

Exploring places with my hobby (photography) has been a joy, always. At the same time, I also enjoy the different kinds of delicacies around me especially when Singapore is a food heaven. Thanks to technology advancement, memories were all captured with digitized images.

With all activities taking place, these blog write-ups are solely based on my honest reviews about the food and service I had come across. All data and information provided are for reading purposes only.
Copyrighting of any content is strictly prohibited.

Products review, food tasting and events invite.

Contact Me

For any queries or suggestions and such, feel free to contact:
umakemehungry (at) outlook (dot) com

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