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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Kuey Zhap Pig's Organ Soup

While enjoying some breakfast items from the neighbouring stalls (Geylang Laksa Prawn Noodle, Zheng Zeng Handmade Pau 真蒸手工包), I notice that this Kuey Zap Pig Organ Stall is also quite popular among the stallholders as the uncle dish out plates and bowls of food from his stall continuously. 

Kuey Zhap Pig's Organ Soup

The uncle caught my attention for he was a steadfast worker. He serves from table to table and his speed of running and the sound produced by the braking with his rubber shoes. 

The Kuey Zhap Set of 2 was value for money and the service rendered was definitely friendly, better than most of the stalls I visited.

Kuey Zhap for 2 - $10

The food items were nicely braised and comprised of pig's skin, intestine, braised egg, fishcakes and pork belly. Nonetheless, the intensity of the braised sauce was rather bland to my liking and lacking of that punch or herb makes me addicted. 

Items on Plate

It's probably not the average kind of taste that I had expected. Of course, the good thing is that the innards were well processed and had no gamey taste.

Braised Intestines

As for the bowl of Kway, it was on the average side and the braised stock was more towards the bland side too. 

Kway with Garnishings

If you were to ask if I will ever want to have it for breakfast, I will rather have the Laksa or Pau at the similar Coffeeshop.

Pork Belly

Rating: 2.75 / 5 

Kuey Zhap Pig's Organ Soup
Location: Blk 45 Sims Dr, Singapore 380045

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