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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Starke Designerin Digital Lock

Starke digital door is Your keyless Solution to A Perfect Home!

Starke digital door lock is stylish, sleek and user-friendly to be used by young and old.

The lock is engineered exclusively in Munich, Germany and is made with the highest quality products of German Engineering.

I have installed this Starke SeamlessTM Designerin  as it is equipped with 5 different access modes and has definitely made me feel very secured whenever I leave from home.:

  1. RFID
  2. Pincode
  3. Mechanica Keys
  4. Mobile App
  5. Fingerprint

The Smart Lock at $599.90

Here are several reasons why you should also get a digital lock for your home:

(1) Stylist & Sleek Design with convenience

Most doors are fitted with the traditional lock and keys and you need to dig into your pockets to use the keys to open the traditional lock, thus wasting more time and effort. This signature award-winning German-designed digital lock is measured 270mm x 70mm x 26mm and comes in a sleek all-black interface with silver lining at the sides. 

Design outside the door

This design is slim and is definitely a perfect fit for ALL modern homes. Fitted with a simple number pad and a handle in the middle, the number pad will be lighted up for input once you place your hand on the touchscreen gently. Such design is visible at any time of the day. You will see the numbers on the pad even if there is poor lighting around or at night.

I like the slim and elegant design.

Design Facing in the house

(2) Fingerprint and Password Code Access

Starke Touch ID plate is a semiconductor sensor with the clearest and most precise material in the world. It is 10 times more hypersensitive than any other digital lock in the world. You can open your door with a touch of your finger easily with a breeze.

Configuring your settings for Admin and adding the user(s) access is easy with a few clicks on the number pad.

The RFID Smartlock card is provided with SenseTouch technology that will open your door in less than seconds.

RFID Tapping Access

If all else fails due to unforeseen circumstances, there is also a provided mechanical key to unlock the side of the door handle.

Mechanical Key

I like the different creative methods of door features.

Adding User

(3) Additional locking Safety feature

The alarm will ring for 2 minutes if you tried and were unable to access it after the 5th times. Once your door is closed, it is locked automatically. There is an additional button from the inside (below the handle) to push up that is to act as an additional locking safety feature. Your home is definitely secured safely for your enjoyment.

I like the additional features that allow me to enjoy my home with peace of mind.

(4) App Connections

You will need to download the TTLock App to set up your account to access from your mobile. One of the features is to even unlock the STARKE digital lock when you are not at home. You can create another login password for your guest without touching your Admin access. However, do note that the batteries will be consumed faster if you are linked to your home wifi. You may need to replace the batteries in less than 3 months times.

I like the advanced technology features that enhance our lives with conveniences.

(5) Fast & reliable installation

An experienced technician will arrive at the arranged time and access the condition of your door. He will unscrew the current lock and ensure the STARKE digital door lock is fitted perfectly, patching up any loose holes if necessary. The installation is normally done within an hour.

STARKE digital door lock comes with a 2-year warranty and the 4 AA will have 5-6 months of lifespan(under normal conditions). It is strongly recommended that you purchased spare AA batteries from Fujitsu (with Anti-leakage) or Energizer Max/plus before your lock is drained and have to call the locksmith, spending unnecessary money.

Starke has award-winning products that are tested over the years. They are of fantastic prices and be rest assured that your needs are in good hands as Starke is set to provide you with seamless and risk-free services to suit your lifestyle. This is definitely an investment worth your safety.

Installer at Work

Location: Ravago 36 Kaki Bukit Place #01-01 Singapore 416214

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