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Monday, June 6, 2022

Ze Ji Fishball Noodles

Most of you should know that I am never a fishball noodles fan but recently I discovered this hidden gem in the old school coffee shop. The arrangement and orientation of the stalls in the coffee shop totally remind me of Malaysia and the old school tiles on the flooring, it gives a nostalgic feel of the past.

Stall of Ze Ji Fishball Noodles

Ze Ji is housed in Choon Guan Coffeeshop and every day without fail, their fans will diligently queue up in front of the stall to enjoy the bowls of traditional fishballs noodle. I had my favourite Bee Tai Mak mixed with Chilli as well as Tomato Ketchup. The Noodles were tasty and topped with minced meat, beansprouts as well as some fresh spring onions.

Bee Tai Mak Dry - $4.50 (Medium)

While with the bowl of yellow noodles, it was skilfully cooked and the texture of the noodle was right.

Noodles Dry - $5.50 (Big)

Besides the noodle, what impressed me more was the bowl of tasty soup that was filled with lean meat, fishballs, fish dumpling and fishcakes.

How Many Kinds Can you Spot?

Ingredients of Soup

Fishballs were said to be made by the stall owners fresh daily and they wake up early in the morning daily to fry the fish cakes. With the quality and taste, even though I'm not a fan of fishball Noodles, I would say that I'm still pretty hooked on traditional dishes like this. Needless to say, I do not mind making a return trip here.

Fish Cakes

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Ze Ji fishball noodles
21 Old Airport Rd, Singapore 390021

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