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Friday, January 1, 2021

Ayam Taliwang SG Restaurant

One day as we drove past Pasir Panjang Road, we noticed this Ayam Taliwang SG Restaurant that claimed to have the hottest chicken on the planet. The name "Ayam Taliwang" has filled me with memories of my trip to Lombok and its in the "To-Eat" list while being there in Lombok. 

Considering the crowd on a Saturday, there were not many customers. Perhaps for this pandemic period, it will be more convenient for customers to grab them via food delivery orders.

Shop Interior

Service is friendly and when you enter the restaurant, you will notice that on the left side of the wall, it explains the history of Ayam Taliwang Senggigi Lombok in summary.

The History of Ayam Taliwang

Ayam Taliwang's menu was rather standard, besides the set menu, it has noodle, fried rice, side dish, soup and appetisers, which makes up of about 17 items on the menu. Initially, I wanted to order their Avocado Juice (Jus Alpukat) but it was not available during my visit. In the end, we ordered the Lime Juice (Jus Jeruk Nipis).


The set menu serves with steam rice, corn fritters and spicy sour soup. Chilli was served in a sauce and was not mixed onto the plate. The seasoning of the chicken thigh was yummy and I love the corn fritters that come with the set.

Unlike the usual practise in Indonesia where food often comes cold, Food in Singapore like this is served warm/hot.

Taliwang Chicken Thigh (Ayam Taliwang Peha) - $9.30 

If you are drinking the soup, you may want to get prepared at the first spoonful as the spiciness really choke me during then. 

Chicken Thigh

The set's portion and presentation were exactly the same as the non-spicy version just that the chicken thigh was coated with a chicken thigh that is coated with spiciness. Also, the chilli was served on the plate instead.

Taliwang Chicken Thigh (Ayam Taliwang Peha) - $9.30 (Spicy) 

With such level of spiciness, it really can do justice to its name saying that its the "hottest chicken on the planet".

It's Fiery Hot!

Lightly battered Fried Squid was perfectly deep-fried to its golden perfection. We enjoy the freshness of the squid with light crisp coated in its exterior. For a more spicy kick in enjoying this side dish, you can deep into the green chilli provided.

Deep Fried Squid (Cumi Goreng Taliwang) - $6.60 

For those who enjoy spicy Indonesian food, this is the closest taste you can get for Ayam Taliwang in Lombok.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Ayam Taliwang SG Restaurant
440 Pasir Panjang Rd, Singapore 118782

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