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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Kampong Chicken Eating House

Kampong Chicken Rice is known for its healthier choice compared to the normal chicken rice as it contains lower fat and lowers cholesterol level. Kampong Chickens are said to raised differently from the chicken and are fed with corns. Not only that, they are freely running around instead of staying inside the cages.

Kampong Chicken Eating House

I have been passing this place for several times but never have the chance to make an arrangement down for the chicken rice. Our visit here was impromptu as we were around the corner and cracking our minds on what to have for dinner.

Kampong Chicken Eating House

To my surprise, the kampong chicken served was yellowish in colour. This was beyond my expectation as it was the first time I never had such colour Kampong Chicken. 

Half Chicken - $13

It was said that the used of yellow ginger had made the colour to be more vibrant. The chicken meat was tender and perfectly seasoned with sesame oil and light soy sauce. 


The texture of the rice was grainy, not too greasy and fragrant. The style suits me and on top of that, the soup that was served was to my flavour too. Soup was milky in color and sweet tasting with its ingredients.

Half Portion of Kampong Chicken & 2 Bowls of Rice - $14.40

Overall, Kampong Chicken Rice tastes not bad but I still prefer the Kampong chicken Rice from its competitor for their sauces tasted better.

Rating: 3 / 5

Kampong Chicken Eating House
  247 Outram Rd, Singapore 169047

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