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Monday, January 4, 2021


Thank you pal for taking the effort in making an advance booking a few months back for Teppei. The Omakase Dinner costs $100 per pax and due to the pandemic, the original space-constrained restaurant had to shrink from a seating of 22 to 12 pax. 

Interior of Teppei

Kicking off the Omakase meal with the scallop mousse. The texture was like pudding and accompanied by some sweet tasting creamy sauce sprinkled with some flower as food garnishing.

Scallop Mousse

Next on their menu, we have a small piece of Sweet Potato Tempura.

Sweet Potato Tempura

Since the seatings surround the kitchen, while enjoying my current dishes served, we get to see how the kitchen staff prepare and plate the food.


Each and every small plate was done meticulously. After which, it will be served to us directly via another server who will give us a clear explanation of what the dishes is made up of.

Plating with Flower

This Braised Lotus Root Tempura that was served two with slices of yellowtail fish decorated by a striking yellow flower.

Lotus Root Tempura

One of us don't eat raw and instead of having Yellowtail fish Sashimi, the fish is served cooked.

Lotus Root Tempura (Fried)

The Blue Fin Tuna Series, Otoro that literally melts in your mouth.  It was served in Aburi form, fatty and flower for fragrance. I was rather impressed that the dish was actually served in an ice bowl and this sashimi was decked up with seaweed strips.


Don't eat Sashimi? Well, the kitchen has got you prepared with Unagi together with Seaweed strips. Since they are under the same group as Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant, the quality of Unagi here just won't go wrong.


The minced tuna was rich in flavour and was rolled up with some roes, tempura bits and spring onion in sushi form. 


While the non-raw version of the maki did not contain minced tuna.

Replacement for Negitoromaki

The Hiroshima oyster was beautifully served with seaweed balls. Oyster is huge and juicy.


For the option of not taking raw Oyster, they have given an abalone alternative. Style of toppings are similar to what we have for Oysters.


Prepare for some surprises, the chef actually does feed you right on the spot into your mouth via the spoons. For this, if there is no diet constrain, you will be fed with a spoon of uni, scallop and yummy shrimp roe.

Uni, scallop, shrimp roe

The frozen orange was unique. Size of the orange was mini with its top portion slit off.

Frozen Orange

The food was Creamy based and stuffed with squid, abalone, codfish and miso paste sauce.

What's inside the Orange?

Special small dishes 

Homemade roasted beef with sushi rice and seaweed.

Homemade Roasted Beef

This was my first try of Monk Fish Liver. It has a melting texture and an iodized natural taste with its natural sweet flavourings.

Monk Fish Liver

For the ones who do not take raw food, Monk Fish Liver is prepared in its fried form.

Fried Monk Fish liver

This crunchy roasted Kyoto grasshopper that is coated in sweet sauce is said to be a common breakfast item in some parts of Japan. It does not taste as bad as what was initially on my mind. I was hesitant to eat this grasshopper initially but eventually, I had overcome my fear. Well, well its tasted like crispy small crabs (those tidbits you got from the Japanese Tidbits stall).

Crispy Grasshopper

Its a fusion of the western and the Japanese style Wagyu beef. The crackling texture of the taco with the chopped bits of marinated beef and chilli powder was not a bad combination too.

Wagyu Beef Taco

In between the dishes, we were served with a portion of Persimmon.


Main Dishes

Here come the filling and biggest portion dish. 

Ikura with Crab Uni Don and a dallop of wasabi.

Ikura & Crab Uni Don

If you like raw, the sashimi don won't go wrong together with the uni and egg roes.

Sashimi Don

One of us preferred cooked food and ordered the Wagyu Beef Fried Rice. It was served in the sizzling hot plate in which the temperature of the food was maintained.

Wagyu Beef Fried Rice

Everything good has to come to an end. Moreover, our stomachs could not hold any more food. There are various flavours of ice cream to choose from.

Yuzu Ice Cream

Besides having the Yuzu Flavour, you can also enjoy Calpis flavour too whereby such flavour is quite rare from the mainstream Japanese Restaurant.

Calpis Ice Cream

All in all, the food quality standard is there and definitely worth the money spent, not to mention the creativity and efforts put in by the kitchen staff. The service was impeccable. Though it may be serving in small portions but summing up all the dishes with the main, it had actually filled our stomachs. 

For dinner reservation, the waiting list might take up 1 to 2 months. It will be better to plan in advance if you are doing a meal there. So if you are bringing someone for a special occasion, it will be best to make plans in advance.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

 1 Tras Link, 01-18 Orchid Hotel, Singapore 078867

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