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Monday, October 19, 2020

Steamboat King Singapore [Media Invite]

If you are planning for a Steamboat session at the comfort of your home without having much washing up, it will be a good idea to order one of the bundle sets offer by Steamboat King Singapore. Ingredients are all freshly prepared and individually packed, delivering to your doorsteps. What's more you do no have to line up in the restaurants or even supermarkets, with such delivery service, be sure that you can enjoy a Fuss Free experience with quality ingredients and award-winning soup broths. Here's the best 8 Steamboat delivery in Singapore.

We had the Steamboat King Bundle that is ideal for 3 to 4 pax and comes with 2 kinds of soup base selection, a drink and dessert. They do have bundles for 2 pax up to 10 pax.

Steamboat King Bundle B (3-4pax) - $99 (Promotion Price)

The Fixed Ala Carte Steamboat Menu consists of:

Toman Fish Slice (200g)

Chicken Breast Shabu (200g)
Brazil Pork Belly Shabu (200g)
Brazil Pork Collar Shabu (200g)

Noodles / Rice:
Japanese Steamed Rice (3 servings)
Korean Noodles (1 serving)

Eggs / Beancurd / Mushrooms:
Enoki Mushroom (100g)
Fried Beancurd Skin Roll (8 Pieces)
Egg Tofu (100g)

Handmade Balls & Others:
Chicken Sausage (200g)
Superior Fish Paste (150g)

Chinese Long Cabbage (200g)
Shanghai Green (200g)

3 Dipping Sauces:
Goma Shoyu (60ml) x 2
Steamboat Homemade Sambal Chilli (60ml) x 2
Thai Chilli Sauce (60ml) x 2

On top of that, there is a free portable stove set with the purchase of any hotpot bundles. 

Their Stainless Steel portable stove set includes an alcohol stove and a 14cm hot pot for you to keep your steamboat hot and delicious all the time.No returns are necessary!

Super Value Set Meal

One of the broth bases we had will be the Pork Tonkotsu Soup. It is said to pack with nutrition from a thick slow-simmered pork bone broth. The broth was all packed in disposable packets and it is very convenient for us.

Pork Tonkotsu Soup

The second broth that we had chosen will be the Tomato soup. Surprisingly the soup was comforting with a tangy taste. It was said to made up of fresh hand-picked tomatoes and hints of cinnamon taste. I find it quite addictive though.

Tomato Soup

The good thing is that meat is all pack neatly in a box and it is quite convenient to drop them into the steamboat.

Shabu Meat

It's all freshly packed.

Seafood and Meat

We decide to use our own Ying Yang Pot and throw everything inside.

Ying Yang Pot

Be it from the Tomato Broth or the Tonkotsu Pork Broth, they both tasted as good.

A ladle of Yummy Goodness

Now's our turn to try out dipping the meat into steamboat homemade sambal chilli. It tasted not bad too.

Dipping the Meat into Steamboat Homemade Sambal Chilli 

Overall if you prefer to go fo more meat, you can take their premium version. Otherwise, there are various options available base on the number of pax you have for the steamboat. Do check it out from their Steamboat King Bundles

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