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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tanaka Vegetarian

I came across one of the posts on my Facebook about Tanaka Vegetarian and decided to check out since there is a number of its vegetarian stalls around with good reviews.

On a public holiday morning, I was rather surprised at the queue that lined up besides their stall on their left and right. Those who want specific vegetarian dish like mock fishball noodles, mushroom noodles have to on the left while others who are ordering and selecting dish for their rice or noodles are to queue on the right.

Tanakan Vegetarian at Teck Whye

The typical presentation of a Singaporean's breakfast - however, this is not the normal economical bee hoon but more of a vegetarian style. Ordered fried noodles with kway teow with egg, cabbages and mocked char siew.

Fried Noodles

Overall, the meal was not greasy but tasty. The sweet tender mock meat was sweet and easy to chew on.

Mock Char Siew Meat

Order another plate with bee hoon filled with "Zai Er" (Cripsy cracker) adding crunch to the meal.

Plate of Bee Hoon
The plate was make up of mock sweet sour meat too with cucumbers and pineapple. They tasted as though the real meat, cripsy and hard but tasty!

Sweet Sour Meat
What I like best is its bitter gourd, it striked a good balance in sweetness and the natural taste of the bitterness from the bittergourd with fragrance of fried garlic. The black bean sauce with the softness of the vegetable went well with the fluffy bee hoon.

In conclusion, I will say that there are not many popular vegetarian stalls around in the west of Singapore as compared to the east and Tanaka Vegetarian is one of the better choices. :)

Total Cost for 2: $6.20

Rating: 4 / 5

Tanaka Vegetarian
Location: Blk 16, Teck Whye Lane  (中華)Tiong Wah Coffeeshop, #01-101  Singapore 680160

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