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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Jamie's Italian

Jamie's, the british Celebrity cook that cooks Italian dishes on the TV had opened his first restaurant in Asia. Located in the Vivocity and this had been the talked of the town for the past few months. I had given it a miss when i passed by one of its franchise in Glasgow, UK due to my schedule. Therefore I'm pretty happy over the appearance of Jamie's Italian in Singapore.

Jamie's Italian
The menu was straight forward, just a piece of cardboard printed with their sides, mains, pasta etc. We decided to order the dishes and share among 4 of us so as to sample the food.

We ordered the Italian Spiced Chicken Wings as appetizer, recommended by the servers. It was a plate of free-range wings with smoked spicy tomato sauce coated at the exterior layer. However I still find that it will be better if the sauce accentuate into its meat.

Italian Spiced Chicken Wings - $12.50
Crispy fried with parmesan and rosemary! The overall presentation reminds me of the traditional chinese food, fried beancurd.

Famous Polenta Chips - $7.50
The stuffings was a little moist and filled with parmesan smell. One can find fried shrimps on the bottom of the bowl and this add on flavours to the entire dish.

Traditionally served with pancetta (an italian style bacon) where the pasta were cooked to Al Dente Perfection in its lemony cream sauce.

Penne Carbonara - $22 (Large)
The mains that steal the limelight throughout the meal was none other than their signature's Porchetta. I was stunned by the slow cooked pork belly that is infused with herbs, fennel and spices. Though fatty, its savoury and moist boneless pork that came with layers of stuffing had boast its cuisine. The glistering meal was paired with water cress salad as well and till now I can still remember the crackling bite I had from that layer of roasted skin. It's definitely worth the calories.

Jamie's Italian Signature's Porchetta - $35

Individual of these long and flat ribbons are main characteristics of Tagliatell. Somehow the dish reminds me of dry version of Ban Mian. Beef and pork were used with ragù (Italian Meat Sauce) , Chianti & Parmesan packed with herby fragrance from the breadcrumbs.

Tagliatelle Bologese - $22 (Large)
For fish lovers, one can order the baked salmon as its main. Whipped lemony artisanal ricotta, balsamic-roasted veg & a zesty, crunchy salad. Decent enough!

Baked Salmon - $23.50
Though we were full, we managed to squeeze some desserts down our stomach, especially when Tiramisu was so inviting. Strong and intensed coffee-flavour triffle with orange mascarpone and chocolate. It came with orange zest and was soft, totally out of our expectation.

Tiramisu - $11.50
I'm glad that I had make the right choice. Out of the 3 desserts ordered, I love this best. The panna cotta was wobbly and was paired fantastically with the mixed berries compote without being too cloying.

Creamy Panna Cota - $9
Tangy with generous serving of meringue and came with limoncello & crunchy pistachio brittle but I still prefer the former.

Trutti Frutti Lemon Meringue - $11.50
Service was friendly, funny and polite. The service staff was efficient and got our plates changed promptly.

Happy Waitress at our service!
With Jamie's friendly service staff at our service and its inviting Italian style dishes, it is likely that I will make a return visit to explore other food, perhaps more on its pasta as this is what they are well-known for!

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Jamie's Italian
Location: VivoCity, 1 Harbourfront Walk #01-165-167 Singapore 098585

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