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Monday, May 5, 2014

MK Restaurants

For those who have been to Thailand, you would probably know of such famous steamboat restaurant by the name of MK. Established since 1986 and now with a number of food chains in Thailand, MK is considered successful after facing challenges from its competitors of similar industry.

For those who have not try, MK first outlet is located in Somerset 313 and the 2nd in Westgate. MK generally serves a mixture of Thai and Chinese cuisine. The main menu features Thai-style suki that is a hot pot of fresh meats and vegetables.

I took the opportunity and ordered their Shabu Mixed Slice Meat set for 2 pax.

Meat, Seafood, or mixed ball set?
With Technology advancement, MK had invested some amount on electronic menu similar to what we had in one of the local sushi bar chains. Requests and orders sent were all attended promptly by the servers.

Ordering System
While those who still prefer to have the feel of flipping the menu, dont worry, MK restaurants still have the hard copies available.

For the stock, I had the both the choices with the pot half filled with chicken stock and the other Tom Yum Soup. The chicken soup was not greasy. I preferred Tom Yum as it was very appetizing and spicy which was a good stomach warmer especially on a rainy day.

Every table has an induction cooker in-built and electricity is controllable at the side of the table.

Stock - Chicken Soup and Tom Yum - $4.90
Assorted vegetables include, mushrooms, jews' ears, tofu, bak choy, pumpkins, carrots, sweetcorn, Tang Hoon and Japanese seaweed.

Closer look of Vegetables Platter

MK Assorted Vegetable Platter(s) & 2 eggs - $18 + $1
Three types of meat, pork , chicken and beef was given. They were fresh and thinly sliced. For those who enjoy the Japanese way of eating, they can dipped these cooked slices into the eggs given.

Sliced Chicken, pork, beef - $8.40, $8.40, $11.60 (for 2 pax)
Noodles and rice are add on depending on individuals. To filled the stomach, we ordered a bowl of rice and we were surprised to see that the rice came in cone shape.

Additional Rice - $0.80

Besides enjoying the steaming pot of food, trying the MK Sauce is a must as this is their signature Suki Sauce imported straight from thailand using their secret recipe.

It went very well with those thin slices of meat and the taste was sweet, sour with Thai Spiciness altogether, bringing perfection to every bite.
MK Sauce
Last but not least, MK do have other attractive items on the menu which includes Hong Kong Style Roast meat as well as Dim Sum.

Rating: 3 / 5

MK Restaurants
Location: Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive #B1-12 Singapore 608532

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