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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wanton Mee at PG416

Hong huat Chicken Rice is hidden among the HDB Blocks where PG 416 coffee house is located. Position of the stall was awkward, perhaps what a normal stall would do is to have their signboard hanging right up above the stall. For Hong Huat Case, theirs was hanging above too but was adjacent to their stall. It was both a good and bad placement, good in the sense that it's readily visible to any patrons that walked passed the Coffee House and bad in the sense that it was not the "normal scene" that most of us had expected.

Loook at the delicious Roasted Meat and Char Siew Rice that was drenched with generous amount of sweet black sauce. Roasted Pork meat has consistent layers of fats within and a thin layer of crispy skin on its top and bottom. Yums!

Char Siew & Roasted Meat Rice - $3.50
 At a pocket friendly pricing, I had received a big plate of wanton noodle filled with lean slices of bright char siew mee. The sauce was all hidden under the bed of thin yellow noodles (You Mian). 2 types of chilli was given, the red and the green chilli, mixed them well together with the garnish as well as the black sauce. A bowl of soup with 3 wantons was given, the soup was tasty with fried onion fragrance.
Wanton Noodles - $2.50

The coffee house was rather crowded during lunch hours and seating were limited. With such a friendly pricing and a big portion, there was no doubt about their good business. A wait about 10 minutes may be required. Do check out them out!

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Hong huat Chicken Rice Stall
Location: PG 416 Coffee House, Blk 416, Pandan Gardens, Singapore 600416

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