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Friday, February 10, 2023

Restoran Hook Sang Seafood 福生海鲜楼

Special thanks to the organisers who went to the place earlier to chope a table for the festive night despite the bad weather and the team who went in together amongst the drizzling rain. 

Hook Sang Seafood Restaurant

The Prosperity toss that we will never miss out on when it comes to the Chinese New Year gathering. Strips of raw fish mixed with shredded vegetables as well as a variety of condiments and sauces. The style of Yu Sheng in Malaysia seems different to what we have in Singapore, nonetheless, they still look beautiful in rainbow colours.

Lucky YeeSheng 七彩鸿运齐捞生

After the toss, our orders doles out from the kitchen one after another despite the crowd. The mixed meat bean curd looked yummy with blanched vegetables at the side. The big piece of circular bean curd was topped with minced meat, preserved vegetables and spring onions. We enjoyed the crispy exterior of the bean curd cradling the soft silky and wobbly interior. Yums!

Mixed Meat Bean Curd 菜香豆腐 - RM 16

Luscious Dongbo Pork was generously paired with its sweet savoury sauce with stalks of blanched vegetables. The pork was very well braised to the point that it disintegrates easily with a slight force from our utensils. It's meaty but not greasy and the braised taste was prominent. 

Dongbo Pork 东波肉 - RM 30

Up next on the table, we had Steamed Red Grouper steamed in Hong Kong Style. Red Grouper tasted fresh and the meat was sweet and tender. This cooking method is preferred as it brings up the freshness of the fish, also with the simplest ingredients like soy sauce and spring onions, they taste best.

Red Grouper 红斑

The sweet coated and well marinated Red Wine sauce over the fried Pork Ribs was a crowd-pleaser. Though it was a Red Wine ingredient used we can't tell that from the taste.

Red Wine with Pork Ribs 红酒排骨 - RM 18 / 25 / 32

The Yam Ring was decent, topped with Gong Bao Flavoured meat with spring onions and onions. The dish was decked up by a bed of crispy fried Bee Hoon. 

Yam Ring 佛钵飘香- RM 28

The Cantonese Style Mee was not too bad. It was crispy and drenched with its savoury gravy with loads of ingredients like egg, fishcakes, prawns, vegetables and pork.

Cantonese Style Mee 滑蛋生面 - RM 8 / 13 / 18

Braised Bee Hoon with crab was decent too. The Bee Hoon was moist and a good pairing with the Crab.

Crab Bee Hoon 螃蟹米粉

Salted Egg Crab was not a bad choice too. Love the thin layer of salted egg rubbed onto the shell of the crab. Fragrant and not overpowering. The crustacean flesh on the other hand was plump and yummy.

Salted Egg Crab 咸蛋螃蟹

Like many Cze Char places in Malaysia, you get to choose your choice of seafood before they cook. For this instance, you get to choose the fish that was placed on a bed of ice. 

You can pick your fish here

Thinking of making a trip down? Here's the menu for your reference.



The place was bustling and filled with locals. The food was decent and had its hits and misses. 

Restoran Hook Sang 
 1, Jalan Indah 16/8, Taman Bukit Indah, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

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