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Friday, November 29, 2013

First Hong Kong Cafe

First Hong Kong Cafe is located in TradeHub 21 which serves a good spread of Hong Kong delights. A glance through the environment and you will find that there is a enormous pot standing up to the lady's shoulder level. It serves an important role to roast up to a number of delicious duckies daily.

First Hong Kong Cafe

Looking at their roasted delights, the cafe had highly recommend her patrons to try out their Kung Fu Roasted Duck as that was the main highlights on their menu. By looking at the banner pasted on the glass panels, those Kung Fu Roasted Duck had undergone several processes before reaching such  glossy looking appearance and its delectable taste.

Kung Fu Duck Process
Fruits & Vegetables Juice on the Menu sounded healthy and without much hestitation, I went ahead ordering. Just as expected, it was rich of chlorophyll taste but that was diluted by the sugar, water and ice cubes added. Not much of the 'raw' taste and it was good enough, not as though one was consuming the grasses. While ice lemon tea was standard tasting, but they were generous with the slices of lemon.

Fruits & Vegetables Juice - $3, Ice Lemon Tea -$1.70
Another signature dish from First Hong Kong will be its Abalone Noodle, there was a bigger portion at $12 but I had chosen its smaller version instead. The noodle reminded me of Ah Lam's Abalone Noodles as the abalone was pierced through a satay stick with braised sauce coated lightly on them.The noodles was doused with substantial amount of chilli sauce accompanied by ingredients like a round fish cake, meatball, a cabbage leaf, scallop with its shell, prawn, minced and lean meat.

Abalone Noodle - $6
Being a Teochew all these while, this was the first time I had ever tasted a Teochew Hor Fun. It tasted close to a good plate of white carrot cake! Just like the traditional carrot cake, these hor fun was fried with eggs, chai po (preserved vegetables) and chopped spring onions. Unique and really stands up fitting the cafe's signature dish.

Teochew Hor Fun - $6
Next, it's kung fu roasted duck. We ordered a quarter portion and this blistered looking crackling skin had us on first sight. The only let down was that the meat was not easily detachable from its bone. Perhaps these were all the significance of an authentic Roasted Meat with a remarkable portion of fats seen.

Kung Fu Duck (1/4) - $12.50

For those who like roasted duck, do not ever leave the place without having tried this!

Roasted Duck

Hidden amongst the industrial area, the place was rather inaccessible as it was far away from the MRT station. However the cost and quality of food were reasonable and value for money at least!

Rating: 4 / 5

First Hong Kong Cafe
Location: Trade Hub 21, 8 Boon Lay Way, #01-28, Singapore 609964

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