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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fat's Boy Mix-and-Match

There were still ample of empty spaces left in our stomach after enjoying the petite portions of french cuisine nearby as our dinner in Far East Plaza and we decided to walk around for some bites. We chanced upon the burger bar which looked rather interesting and paused for a moment. The outlook of the bar looks funky looking with some cute characters drew on the wall. It's checkered tilings was blended well into its theme color, black and white. Shop area was not very big and can only accommodate up to 12 pax which includes 2 4-seaters table and 4 other seat by the side of the wall.

Stall Front - The Burger Bar in Orchard Singapore 
Stall Front
The idea of making my own burger had never come across my mind especially in Singapore where fast food are so easily available, prepacked and standardize. What most amazed me was that they had actually created an application on Ipad (available on 2 sets of ipad at the burger bar), suggesting customers to "build" their own burgers there. Implementing the use of the shopping cart experience system, its indeed very convenient and familiar to someone who had done online shopping before. Process of customizing burger was systematic, from choosing the type of bun, meat patty to even sauces add on just with a few triggers of the radio buttons. Sophisticated! When you are done with your choice, just click on "check out" and proceed to the cashier (And yes! At least there are still human touch)

Ordering System - The Burger Bar in Orchard Singapore 
Ordering System

A fridge was placed next to the counter, out of convenience, we grabbed a jar of Tiramisu. As seen from the picture above, the fridge was covered with a shade/screen, it was rather a good idea as it maintains the chillness, keeps the cool air within the system and not affecting the one who is sitting in front of it.

Bundled and tied up in a glass jar, Tiramisu Hero was real good, much more than I had expected.
Tiramisu (Front) - The Burger Bar in Orchard Singapore
Tiramisu (Front)

It had an acceptable amount of alcohol content followed by a well controlled wetness level. The sweetness strikes a perfect balance between the pillow soft Tiramisu layers and the liquor. Yums!
Cost: S$7.50
Tiramisu (Top) - The Burger Bar in Orchard Singapore
Tiramisu (Top)

Too bad that one cant customized Tiramisu through the ipad. Not to disappoint, customizations can be done through the Tiramisu Hero Website. smile
Tiramisu - The Burger Bar in Orchard Singapore

We did not have anything fanciful and had just only built the basic of a burger, bun, meat, vegetables (pickles, lettuce, tomatoes) and sauce at no additional cost but it's all satisfiable enough.
Burger - The Burger Bar in Orchard Singapore

Opted brown Honey Oat bun for our Hamburger, paired with its juicy, thick & mouthwatering pork patty. Delicious! *Slurps*.
Customized Burger - The Burger Bar in Orchard Singapore 
Customized Burger

Come to think about it, it is less often we get to find pork patty available in burgers outlet and this is such a rare find!
Cost: S$6.50
Customized Burger (Side View) - The Burger Bar in Orchard Singapore
Customized Burger (Side View)

Funny tins were displayed on the walls as part of the bar's decorations and i just cant hide my smiles after looking at them.
Decors - The Burger Bar in Orchard Singapore  

Decor - The Burger Bar in Orchard Singapore  

Serviettes and essential items are all self help at the near by counter.
http://serviettes/ - The Burger Bar in Orchard Singapore

Given an option of mix-and-match burger, it definitely attracts food pedant who are consciously aware their food intakes and those who likes to make their own burger. Having seen and tasted its quality, I would say that pricing is very comfortable, moreover the portions are "fat". This place is highly recommendable for its quality, price and portion!
Receipt - The Burger Bar in Orchard Singapore 

The Buger Bar
Location: Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road #01-16A/B 228213

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