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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

French Cuisine on a budget

Saveur when translated from french means flavour and was known among my cohort of pals for its wallet friendly pricing french cuisine. The interior of Saveur was modern, with black and woody colors as its theme adorn with orange chandeliers hanging on the ceilings as well as the downlights. These lighting had been well reflected by the mirrors on the walls enhancing its ambience thus making the entire restaurant brighter.

Interior - Saveur in Orchard Singapore

Due to its overwhelming responses, Saveur practises strict dining policy and did not accept any reservations. For group dinings (even for just 2 of us), the server will ensure that all members of the group have arrived before issuing them a seat. In order not disappoint customers, they can leave their contact numbers and name down so that servers can follow up with them once queues are cleared. Whilst queuing, each of us is given a menu to read through.

Menu - Saveur in Orchard Singapore

We was directed to a table next to the big chiller that stores juices and wines where lights from the chiller had brightened up our dining place.

Refridgator - Saveur in Orchard Singapore Refrigerator / Chiller

Being a french cuisine, it was known for its petite serving with sophistication - Food is elegant and with strong emphasis on its presentation. And our expectations had been bench-marked.

Our palates were tantalized by Saveur's Signature Pasta which was tossed in chilli oil, served with finely chopped Japanese konbu (seaweed) and Sakura Ebi (prawn/shrimp) with minced pork sauce. Presentation was impressive with its pasta rolled up and served on a dish like a cocoon. If you asked me about the taste, in layman terms, I would say it tasted close to "indomee" (brand of instant noodle) if you have tried before. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this starter!
Cost: S$6.90

Starters - Saveur's Pasta - Saveur in Orchard Singapore
Starters - Saveur's Pasta

Soup of the Day was Cream of cauliflower. Served on a big plate with the center portion filled with approximately 10 spoonful of soup garnished with herbs and bacon.
Cost: S$5.90

Starters - Soup of the Day - Saveur in Orchard Singapore
Starters - Soup of the Day

How can one miss out the part and parcels of a french dish, the Foie Gras? The bite size pan-seared duck liver was served with lentils & pickled pearl onion. Although it might look abit unappetizing but it was real good enough for its flavours were all well burst within my mouth.
Cost: S$7.90

Side - Foie Gras - Saveur in Orchard Singapore
Side - Foie Gras

The menu offers 2 types of Foie Gras as its starter, the other comes with apple-infused port wine and vanilla beans and costs slightly expensive.

Side - Foie Gras (Close Up) - Saveur in Orchard Singapore
Side - Foie Gras (Close Up)

Succulent duck leg confit with its crispy skin perched on Savuer's homemade mashed potato accompanied by chopped sauteed shitake mushroom and orange segments. Duck was tendered and portion was good enough for me.
Cost: S$10.90

Main - Duck - Saveur in Orchard Singapore Main - Duck

I was rather astonished to realize that this was the main course as the size of the plate was ideally my side dish. tongue Chicken Roulade was impressive though,with thigh stuffed with foie gras-infused chicken farce, creamy basmati rice & parmesan sauce. The latter had packed the dish with additional cheesy fragrance.
Cost: S$9.90

Main - Chicken - Saveur in Orchard Singapore
Main - Chicken

The dessert, Pistachio Panna Cotta , gave a riots of texture. Just before we enjoy the wobbly, creamy and smooth panna cotta, we will have to first enjoy the nutty crunchy bites of pistachio. It was not too sweet and most importantly not cloying at all!
Cost: S$6.90

Desserts - Pistachio Panna Cotta (Top View) - Saveur in Orchard Singapore Desserts - Pistachio Panna Cotta (Top View)

Desserts - Pistachio Panna Cotta (Side View) - Saveur in Orchard Singapore Desserts - Pistachio Panna Cotta (Side View)

Service was better than average. Given a few staff (excluding the chefs) to run the show in a full house during rush hours was seen more than efficient. Glasses of drinks were topped up from time to time with our tables dishes cleared and food were all served one after another on time in such sequence, Starters, Main then Desserts.

Total inclusive of GST and Service charge is $55.75. There were many players in the market for french cuisine and thus far, I find that Saveur has offered the most value for money meal. If you want to enjoy French Cuisine at a budget, she could just fit the bill.

Bill - Saveur in Orchard Singapore
Location: Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road #01-07, 228213 

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