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Thursday, December 28, 2023

Crazy Scoops

 After dinner, we decided to go to Circuit Road for Ice Cream by Siao Ah! for she has yet to try other flavours of ice cream in Crazy Scoops. If you have been on social media especially TikTok, you would probably come across the guy, Mr Vincent Lim, who is behind this Ice Cream Shop. He is known for being pranks by his daughters online which has gained him lot of fans base. Can you spot him in the picture? 

Crazy Scoops

Based on the video by his daughter, it has been always Vincent childhood dream to run an ice cream cafe and now that the dream has come through in this December 2023. 

Pick your selection

They have both outdoor and indoor seating, allowing you to park your bikes and enjoy the ice-cream. Service are friendly for sure. The White Chrysanthemum Ice Cream had a good strong hint of chrysanthemum fragrant with sweetness while the Oolong maybe a little bit on the bitter tea side but these 2 flavours complemented each other well.

White Chrysanthemum & Osmanthus Oolong

We went for something out of the ordinary, Coriander Ice Cream. Those who love Coriander will love it. As a coriander fan, I find that the taste was pretty acceptable complemented with a vanilla base. The White Christmas is similar to the raspberry vanilla flavours we had with added Lotus Biscoff Biscuit (or similar) for texture.

White Christmas & Coriander

The last flavour we had was Bluepea Vanilla. Take a closer look into the cup and you will find the vanilla beans within. While Bluepea itself does not have much flavour in nature, this flavour is mostly vanilla taste in its natural blue colour. 

Bluepea Vanilla

They aim to keep their prices reasonable to serve local people with great affordability and cater to the masses. Overall quite decent with their ice cream Service will need improvement as they had oversight of one of our orders and we waited for quite some time. 

Rating: 3 / 5

Crazy Scoops
 77 Circuit Rd, #01-460, Singapore 370077

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