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Friday, December 29, 2023

6 Letter Coffee

 A cafe that opens at 7am in the morning? Well, that suits my time table for that day as I want to have a quick breakfast and continue with my tasks for that day. 6 Letter Coffee started their operation in 2019 in Tanjong Katong Road and believe in creating happiness through their collective spaces and dining selections for customers of all ages. They provide all-day menu for breakfast to dinner and of course Coffee.

6 Letter Coffee

The early bird catches the worm! We had the whole cafe to ourselves since we were their first customers. The theme of the cafe gives a garden feel and you can see that staff are busy taking care of the plant early in the morning.


Cafe Space

Matcha can be served sweetened or unsweetened. Love the smooth texture of the drink with Matcha powder topping up the top layer. We had something special too, the Charcoal Cafe Latte, a combination of charcoal taste with the usual latte

Matcha and Charcoal Cafe Latte - $7.80 & $7.30

With Rosti in their menu, I looked no further. We had their Signature 6 Letter Brunch with their housemade rosti cooked with healthy olive oil and served with housemade avocado mash instead. This gives a healthier and tastier choice to enjoy their rosti in every bite.

The Brunch consist of housemade rosti, Norwegian smoked salmon, sunny side up egg, shitake mushrooms, fresh fruits (dragon fruits and grapes), mashed avocado and mixed salad.

6 Letter Brunch - $21

The Rosti was crispy and charred at some parts, giving some crispiness to the texture. Totally yummy and it might be quite filling for one pax too.


We ordered their Chef Recommendation, the Good Day Breakfast. It comprises of crispy bacon, scramble eggs, arabiki pork sausages, shitake mushrooms, sourdough butter toast and mixed salad. Love this hearty breakfast meal with the combination of the items. The scrambled egg caught our attention for it looked so unique in its creamy and luscious appearance. 

Good Day Breakfast - $19

If you enjoy bacon, you will enjoy this too.

Crispy Bacon

It was a good experience visiting 6 Letter Cofee for the ambiance was nice with friendly service. I will like to be back for other selections on their menu.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

6 Letter Coffee
 259 Tanjong Katong Rd, Beng Tong Mansion, Singapore 437047

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