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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Nenek Recipe - Indonesian Grill & BBQ

Heading down to this corner of the food court after learning from a friend that this Indonesian Grill & BBQ serves a good bowl of Mee Soto.

Stall of Indonesian Grill & BBQ

Besides the lighted menu that was displayed on the stall, they have a paper menu on the ordering counter too.


While my friends had introduced the noodles dishes we somehow got carried away from the Nasi Set and ordered their Ayam Penyet and Ayam Penggang. Each plate comes with meat, raw vegetables, Tempeh and a small piece of Tau Gua. The Ayam Penyet was big, meaty and crispy.

Ayam Penyet - $6.80

The chilli is the bomb and elevates the dish giving a fiery kick to it. Ayam Penggang was sweet and delightful coated in the dark sauce. 

Ayam Penggang - $6.80

We added Bagedil on top of the $4 bowl of Mee Rebus. Their style of Mee Rebus was decent with hard-boiled egg, beansprouts and chopped Tau Gua. The gravy was more an orange color. Overall, this bowl of Mee Rebus was not too bad too.

Mee Rebus - $4

A stomach-comforting bowl of Mee Soto was recommended. It was pretty decent with a handful of shredded chicken meat, not too bad but I'm still searching for a good bowl of Mee Soto.

Mee Soto - $4

Food is pretty decent and there were also a long queue during lunch hours. I do not mind going back again for other dishes. 

Rating: 3 / 5

Nenek Recipe - Indonesian Grill & BBQ
Location: Food More @ Superbowl, 3 Yuan Ching Rd, #01-01 FM R2, Singapore 618642

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