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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Tai Shi Zhu Jiao Fan 泰式猪脚饭

We spotted the new stall among the rest while walking in Clementi Hawker Center.  The signboard of the stall indicates that they are selling Thai Style Pork Leg Rice and it kind of pulls me in for this is also one of my favourite dishes from Thai Cuisine.

The staff are Thais and quite friendly.

The Stall

We ordered Moo Ping as sides for sharing at $5 for 3 pieces. The meat was well-seasoned and tender with a sweet and savory taste. 

Moo Ping - $5 (3 Pcs)

The Premium Thai Stewed Pork Leg Rice was braised to its tenderness. The smooth and shinning skin was tempting. The stewed flavours were good. The Rice Meal Set comes with Ngoh Hiong, vegetables, braised egg as well as the yummy pork leg meat.

Premium Thai Stewed Pork Leg Rice Set Meal - $7

The Basil Pork Meat Rice was packed with fragrance. Minced Meat was a tad spicy with basil herb. The Meal Set comes with a few pieces of fried Ngoh Hiong, stalks of greens and half a braised egg. The taste was acceptable but will be better in a stronger flavour. The meal also comes with a bowl of radish soup as a pairing.

Basil Pork Rice Meal Set - $7

Ngoh Hiong was tasty and springy too. It can be ordered separately if you are a fan of their Ngoh Hiong.

Ngoh Hiong

We had a stomach-filling meal.

Rating: 3.25 / 5 

Tai Shi Zhu Jiao Fan 泰式猪脚饭
Blk 448 Clementi Ave 3  #01-34 Singapore 120448

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