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Monday, November 13, 2023


While sustainability is a great topic everywhere in the part of world, our lifestyle has slowly evolved and most of us are not only concerned about the kind of food we consume but also its source, where it comes from. 


Our invited dinner by the locals at Ohkajhu was definitely interesting to us as a healthy meal like this will never be on my itinerary when travelling overseas.

Founders - Chef, Engineer and Farmer

Nonetheless, thank you for the efforts put in to get us a well-deserved meal in Pattaya.

Ohkajhu prides itself on paying attention to every aspect from the selection of seeds, planting seeds, and preparing planting plots. They are confident that vegetables that come from their garden are always clean, fresh and safe without chemicals involved. They have also more than 25 types of salad vegetables. Do check it out on their menu!


The environment was stunning and spacious but bustling with patrons. The garden theme environment with woody furnishings was comfortable. 

Dining Environment 

The portion was big and generous with a good presentation. My pork Chop was loaded with Mushroom Sauce and tucked with some salad by the side with pumpkins, cucumber, and cherry tomato in Thousand Island Dressing.

Pork Chop with  Mushrooms Sauce - 355 Baht

The Chicken Chop was not bad too, with smoky hints and charred flavours. The Assortment of greens was interesting with Beetrooms, barleys, quinoa, broccoli, capsicums etc. 

Chicken Steak

The steak was well cooked to the requested doneness and charred on the outside accompanied by some mustard and brown sauce. It was paired with a handful amount of Red Spinach & tomato dressed with vinaigrette. 


Another recommended item will be their Grilled Sea Bass steak with Herb Crust accompanied by Tartar Sauce. Other items on the plate are the healthy greens, olive, pumpkins, capsicums and hard boiled egg.


How about some salad with items from the sea? We also ordered Crispy Sea Bass and Shrimp with mashed potato as the 1 side dish. 

Crispy Sea Bass and Shrimp with Tamarind and Capsicum Sauce - 495 Baht

Their range of smoothies offered was impressive. With Smoothie being served, it also means we are having more intake of fruit and vegetables. If you realised, the straws were made of paper too.

The Coco Smoothies was well presented with Coconut Flesh cradling the mango cubes and topped with some cereal.

Coco Smoothies - 155 Baht

If you prefer something on the sour side, you may want to try out their Recommended Green Apple Kiwi. The refreshing treat 

Green Apple Kiwi - 115 Baht

This is definitely not a everyday combination that I get to see from the smoothie stall in Singapore. Well, the distinctive layer of colors was attractive and of course healthy!

Blueberry Avocado - 145 Baht

The Summer Sensation smoothies are made up of coconut, celery, strawberry, lemon, coconut as well as lemon. Refreshing enough and if you can take the taste of celery.

Summer Sensation - 95 Baht

This mixed Berry Yogurt gave a "berry" good vitamin and refreshing coolness. If you enjoy yoghurt with berries, you might want to try this out.

Mix Berry Yohugrt - 125 Baht

With so many drinks being served on our big table, we were confused with what we had ordered and had them mixed up among ourselves. Nonetheless, this Matcha Smoothie was still fantastic with Coconut Flesh topped the beverage.

Coco Matcha - 165  Baht

Having healthy food has a price to pay and our meals are considerably healthy. Besides serving meat, there are also vegan options available. The menu was extensive too with salads, soups, smoothies, juices, and even spaghetti dishes. If you are a healthy go-er, you might want to try Ohkajhu too.

15 18 หมู่ที่ 11 Sukhumvit Road, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

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