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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Batam Nest

While colleagues was mentioning about having Bird Nest in Batam, I thought it was a good idea as this will be my first time having Birdnest in Batam. We proceed to this BatamNest after our massage session nearby for it was a walking distance away.

Batam Nest

The birdnest menu was rather straight forward with 6 kinds of options. Staff are friendly and we dined in house.


I had the Birdnest with Honey Rock Sugar and refreshingly good in its natural sweetness as well as the jelly texture of the Birdnest. Despite visiting this wholesale place, we did not "taobao" back as it was already our last day of the trip and our baggage was very full.

Honey Rock Sugar

Now that I have visited this place, I bet this won't be the last time savoury such nutritious dessert down my stomach. We will be back again!

Batam Nest
 Blok R BCS Shopping Mall BLOK R NEAR Jalan Kompleks Penuin Centre No.2 Kepulauan Riau 29411 Indonesia

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