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Monday, August 21, 2023

Smile Dessert [Media Invite]

 Let's head to level of of Clementi Mall and have some dessert !

Smile Dessert @ Clementi Mall

The furnishings of Smile Dessert in Clementi Mall looked simple and neat with green lighting. I was told that each of their outlets has a different theme.


I thought this signage is special as it stated: "I Miss You in Singapore".

I Miss You In Singapore

A good playground for the kids in the balls of plastic balls while their parents can enjoy their drinks and dessert by the side.

Kids Corner

The Sweet New Honey Souffle was something out of our expectations. The stack of Souffle was fluffy and wobbly, definitely, a Must Try on their Menu. Drizzling the Honey over the souffle and a mixture of Sweet Mango and Strawberry is yummy.

Honey Souffle

Original Tiramisu was served in a square container adorned with strawberries and cream. Savoury and yummy without being too bitter while on the other hand the sweetness was not too cloying too.

Original Tiramisu - $8.90

Simply love the soft and spongy Tiramisu as well as its texture. 

A scoop of Tiramisu

Drinks are made up of perfumed lemon and hand beaten 20 times. It gave 10 times Vitamin C and smells refreshing.

Shou Da Ning Meng

We had the Perfume Lemon Ice Tea for $4.90 and Perfume Thai Green Tea $5.90.

Grape Lolli Ice - $12.90

Grape Lolli Ice was made up of 2 types of grapes and the ice was minty in flavour. It was well decorated with grapes and once you sink the spoon deeper into the ice you get to enjoy 

Lolli Ice

Overall I find that the sweetness level is acceptable for the items we had. We are pleased with the desserts and do not mind returning for more desserts. Perhaps it will be even better to visit their other outlets for their theme.

Thank you Smile Dessert for the invitation.

Smile Dessert
Clementi Mall, 3155 Commonwealth Ave West #04-25/26 Singapore 129588

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