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Saturday, August 19, 2023

Char & Stewed Kitchen [Media Invite]

It was a pleasant sight to observe that Industrial Canteen is still bustling at night. Let's check out what is cooking there?

Char Stew Kitchen offers food in a unique style, they adopt the traditional use of charcoal cook method to bring out the natural flavours of the food. And the interesting part is that they are not the ones who are watching over the fire but the diners themselves.

Stall of Char & Stewed Kitchen

Enjoy a good gathering session over the open flame, making communal meal more appealing and interactive. Enjoy these Charcoal Hotpot with their popular Herbal soups in earthen clay pots. They have chicken, beef and even pig's stomach soup in their menu. Let's check it out here.


The hardworking workers were busy doing preparations.

Worker preparing charcoal

At Work

I often hear about Durian in the meal and was wondering what it tastes like. Now that I finally have the chance, I would comment that Durian in the soup actually helps in enhancing the taste and surprisingly, there is no overpowering of durian taste!

Durian Coconut & Chicken Charcoal Hotpot - $38 (Small)

The soup has a good natural sweetness from the chicken bones, carrot, dates and goji berries. Cabbages and a mixture of Chinese herbs had also taken their roles in creating pleasant sweetness in the pot. The D24 durian had added a subtle durian fragrance to our hotpot too!

Durian in the Pot

Are you game to try this bowl of Durian Coconut & Chicken Charcoal soup?

Durian Soup, anyone?

The Herbal Chicken Charcoal Soup was generally filled with Goji Berries, spring onions, a mixture of Chinese herbs (Chinese Barley, chinese yam etc) as well as chicken meat. The soup does taste good too and this style suits me.

Herbal Chicken Charcoal Hotpot - $29 (Small)

Meat in the Herbal Chicken Charcoal Hotpot

Chicken Wing with Herbs

We refilled our pots with their Peppery Chicken & Pig Stomach Broth. It was pretty peppery but addictive. No worries as you can still taste the mixture of herbs that make up the nourishing soup too. If you are also a soup lover, you will not want to miss this out.

Refilling Soup

Let's make the soup more tasty and healthier with the greens! 


Let's put this into the pot!


Pick your favourite skewers from their chiller and get your hands moving! The skewers cost $1 each and there is a minimum order of 15 sticks.

Picked from the Chiller

They are popular for their skewers pricing. Regardless of vegetables or meat, the price remains at $1. The owner stands firm on not marking up their prices.

Skewers over Charcoal

Oil and sauce were given to us to grease and enhance the flavour of the food. Do watch over the fire!

What's Barbequing?

Food cook by Charcoal is generally much tastier. We had a good time here! Looking at the price list, the cost is quite affordable too. However, be prepared to smell smoke when you are there. 

Thank you Lao Niang Agency for the invitation.

Char & Stewed Kitchen
Location: Trivex, 8 Burn Road Singapore 369977

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