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Saturday, September 10, 2022

Old World [Media Invite]

Do you know who is behind the multiple branches of Old World?

Jemmy Yeo is a veteran Chef & Founder of Old World Fried Porridge aka "炒粥".  He also improvises with local's tastebuds from scratch and now has created more than 40 items on his stall menu.

Old World

Here's what we ordered:

(1) Signature Bak Kut Teh (Dry)
(2) Dry Fried Mee Sua 
(3) Mixed Pig's Organ Fried Porridge 
Mixed Pig's Organ Soup
(5) Fried Large Intestine

Our Orders
Our Orders

The dried version of their Signature Bak Kut Teh was savoury. The sweet sauce that coated every piece of the ingredients in the bowl tasted like "Gong Bao". Ingredients include a mixture of pork rib, meatball, stomach, lean meat, belly, trotter, lady's finger and some cut cuttlefish. 

Signature Bak Kut Teh (Dry) 招牌肉骨茶(干炒)
Signature Bak Kut Teh (Dry) 招牌肉骨茶(干炒)- $10

Old World's Dry Fried Mee Sua is my all-time favourite.  I love its texture and taste for it was so consistently tossed in seasoning. With the use of pork lards enhancing the taste, the bowl of Mee Sua was indeed flavourful to the point that I can just have the bowl alone without other ingredients.

Dry Fried Mee Sua 干捞炸面线 - $1
Dry Fried Mee Sua 干捞炸面线 - $1

Their version of Fried Porridge base is made up of Hokkien Dried Oyster Porridge or Hokkien Kiam Bei. The taste is unique and every mouth was burst full of flavours. With the smokiness and natural sweetness from the meat as well as offals. The overall taste was given a final touch by the fragrant fried shallots and cut spring onions.

Mixed Pig's Organ Fried Porridge 猪杂炒粥 - $6

The texture of the porridge was of smooth consistency with every grain cooked to soften. I'm totally in love with how every mouthful of the porridge brings out the Wok Hei Flavours. If you are at Old World, this is something you cannot skip from their menu.

Ingredients from the Fried Porridge

Mixed Pig Organ Soup was downright appetizing, striking a good balance of sweetness from the meat and some sour taste from the preserved vegetables.

Mixed Pig's Organ Soup 猪杂汤 - $4.50

It looked as though ingredients were added unsparingly. At the price diners are paying with the number of ingredients, it's value for money. You can find pig stomach, liver, meatball, pork belly, lean meat and preserved vegetables in the bowl of scrumptious soup. 

Ingredients of Mixed Pig's Organ Soup

The Fried Large Intestine was served in bite-size and was crispy. It let out a crunch as we sink our teeth down. The textural bites were addictive.

Fried Large Intestine 炸大肠 - $6.50

The Large Intestine was well handled and there was no gamy taste. Perfect.

Bite Size of the Intestine

The taste of the dishes was adequate and hit the right spot. I will be back again for other dishes as the menu was quite extensive.

Special Thanks to Lao Niang Agency for the kind invite. 

Old World
Location: Epic Haus, Blk 267A Toh Guan Road #01-01 Singapore 601267

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