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Sunday, September 11, 2022

CocoSan [Media Invite]

Coconut is a good source of electrolytes in our system and whenever I'm feeling dehydrated, a cup of coconut like this does hydrate and boost my system. Cocosan is a Japanese Style Fruit Bar in Singapore that offers healthy shakes.

CocoSan at Paya Lebar Square

We had the Purple Rice Coconut Shake and Coconut Chrysanthemum Shake.

Coconut Purple Rice Shake

Each cup of 500ml coconut purple rice shake contains 45g of purple rice. I'm quite a fan of purple rice and I'm quite satisfied with the fragrant purple rice bits among my cup of coconut shake. Purple rice is not only a source of fibre and protein but as well as a significant source of iron. 

Coconut Chrysanthemum Shake
Fresh coconut juice is blended with chrysanthemum tea. The floral fragrant and herbal flavour from the flower made the drink aromatic. The combination of the flower and coconut juice gave us a surprise with its uniqueness. Chrysanthemum Tea has 7 top health benefits that include:

1) Promote deep relaxation
2) Promote Healthy Metabolism
3) Maintain Bone Health
4) Maintain Health Immune System
5) Improve Vision
6) Promotes Healthy Heart Function
7) Skin Care

Coconut Purple Rice Shake & Coconut Chrysanthemum Shake - $4.60

I will like to have more cups of Coconut shakes when I'm back at the place again.

Thanks CocoSan & ScaleMicroInfluencers

Paya Lebar Square, 60 Paya Lebar Rd, #01-28 Singapore 409051

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