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Friday, September 9, 2022

Hup Hup Mee Siam・Laksa・Lor Mee [Media Drop]

Hup Hup is awarded with Top 10 Mee Siam in Singapore and was also featured on the media platforms like Shin Min Daily News etc. They have more than 30 years of experience in culinary and aim to provide these carefully curated recipes of local food delights that were passed down from generations.  Hup Hup (合合) have been around for more than 50 years. Withe the food deliveries option available, we were lucky to have these bowls of yummy local food sent to our doorsteps.

Packaging of Hup Hup

Hup Hup packaged their food in disposable paper bowls and gravy is packed separately in plastic packets. This is good as it prevents the noodles from being soggy with the delivery.

Gravy Separated

While I was wondering how does the top 10 Mee Siam in Singapore tastes like, i took my first sip of the gravy. I was swept away by the sweetness of this Chinese Mee Siam gravy. The nutty taste together with the rich coconut milk taste was addictive. Before I could even finish my Bee Hoon, I had finished the gravy. Its fragrant was made prominent with the use of dried shrimp. 

Mee Siam

The orange strands of Bee Hoon on the other hand were soft and had carried out the gravy flavours well within. The ingredients of Mee Siam were pretty common, with hard-boiled egg, beansprouts and Tau Pok.

Orange Bee Hoon (Mee Siam)

The bowl of traditional Lor Mee comes with the Hokkien Flat yellow noodle. Ingredients include slices of pork, fish cakes, Ngoh Hiang and half a hard-boiled egg. The Lor taste had a light traditional braised taste which is good as it is not overpowering. 

Lor Mee

Laksa was served with thick bee hoon and the ingredients are fishcakes, Tau pok, half hard-boiled egg and cockles.


Gravy was sufficiently thick and creamy, packed with fragrance. Flavour was good and decent. What a comforting bowl of local flavour!

Ingredients of Laksa

Thank you Hup Hup for sending the food over.

Hup Hup Mee Siam・Laksa・Lor Mee
Location: Circuit Road Market & Food Centre, 80 Circuit Road #02-14 Singapore 370080

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