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Friday, May 20, 2022

Starke Living

AP01 Air Purifier is a new product launched by Starke Living. Besides deodorising the bathroom, this air purifier also helps sterilise and disinfect the environment, making the air healthier and safer for us. 

AP01 Air Purifier

The air purifier comes with a choice of White or Grey colour. It is portable and has a good size of 16 * 16 * 26.8cm. I like that it is wireless and can be charged Fast with  USB C. It has a battery of 1000mAh,37W with an estimated lasting time of about 20 hours.

Starke Air Purifier

It can be used effectively in your bathroom, living room, dining room or even in the car. It helps to disinfect and sterilize with the release of negative ions to purify the air.

There is 360-degree full air circulation which aids in purifying air even in areas with poor ventilation of airflow. It comes with automatic & Manual Modes available for wind speeds. The light changes accordingly to the ambient air quality and the purification mode automatically switches accordingly to ambient air quality. 

360degree full air circulation

There are 3 types of filters within, the primary filter, activated carbon filter and HEPA filter.

3 Types of Filters

Besides having Air Purifiers, Starke living also sells luxury and designer bathroom products that are handcrafted. Take a look at their Bath Tubs and Toilet Bowl.

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