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Friday, November 14, 2014

iO Italian Osteria

Charmed by its rustic interior and its pleasant bread counter laid up at its entrance, iO Italian Osteria has a friendly large team which aims to bring traditional italian traven back into the modern days. Its Italian concept dining environment and its open kitchen has somehow brought more knowledge to someone like me who know nuts about Italian cuisine.

iO Iltalian Osteria

With my kind of thinking that Italian is just limited to pasta and pizzas, iO Italian Osteria had somehow upgraded my Italian cuisine menu.

Open Kitchen Concept

As we stepped into the restaurant, a special aroma engulfed us. It smell as if something was burning, perhaps the air was filled with a good mixture from both the Italian kitchen as well as its bakery.

Bakery Section Near Entrance

The friendly staff directed us to the seats and every table has already a piece of paper menu on it. By sitting nearby the bay windows, we get to see the moving vehicles on the round about nearby.

Bay Windows
Dining Environment with Bar Counters

Rustic Feel of the environment
As starters, we ordered a basket of assorted Italian breads. It comes in a paper bag of 4 - 5 kinds of breads, from hard to soft, complimented well with a good dip in the balsamic vinegar as well as olive oil.

Assorted homemade bread basket - $5
Like most European restaurants, drinking waters are chargeable and we ordered a bottle of still water to pair with our dishes.

Still Water 1 Litre - $4

 A wait worth waiting for! Oven roasted chicken was served on a heavy weighted wooden board supported by zucchini, potato and carrots, adorned with a stalk of thyme leaves. The meat as well as vegetables were all succulent and tasty!

Spicy Roasted Farm Chicken "Alla Diavola" - $22
Serving of Cod fish was petite, placed in the middle of a big brown plate with assorted boiled vegetables stacked as it base and a pool of clear soup base surrounded. Soup has hints of cooking wine taste and was appetizing.

Cod Fish "Al Coccio", Aromatic Fish Broth - $24
We left the place with no stomach rooms for desserts. With their impeccable services and chanting environment, its hard not to be back again.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

iO Italian Osteria
Location: Hill V2, 4 Hillview Rise #02 Singapore 667979

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