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Saturday, February 12, 2022


#MakanBoleh is one of the many stalls in Seah In Food Centre recommended by people online for its Epok Epok during afternoon timing. It threw me a surprise that the turnover for their fried fritters was wiped up pretty fast when they are doled out from the kitchen. 

I have no choice but to exercise the "Kiasu" behaviour and hurried over to join the queue. However, those customers in front of me make my heart beat faster when I heard their orders every time as they are buying a lot and I wonder if there are enough in the batch for my purchase. 

Stall of #MakanBoleh

The Banana Balls were dark brown in colour with a crispy exterior skin but as we sink our teeth in, the texture was spongy and the inside was filled with air pockets.

Fried Banana Balls - 4 for $1

To my surprise, the Banana balls were packed of Banana Fragrant and I could not resist having more of them even though I just completed my lunch.

Intersection of the Banana Ball

I had Vadi recently and even though this Vadai is of original flavour (plain), the fragrance is commendable. Enjoy your pieces of Vadai munching together with the green chillis.

Vadai - 3 for $2

This needs no introduction. There are many versions of names whichever you called it, curry puff, kali pap or even Epok Epok. Apparently, #MakanBoleh is lauded for their Epok Epok. The $1 you spend here is a bang on your buck. The crust has cradle the fillings tightly, not allowing them to disintegrate. The ingredients are generous and the taste is consistent. 

The Potatoes were firm and you get a quarter of the hard boil egg within. What I like most was that the fillings are moist and this is definitely one of the better Malay Epok Epok that I ever had at a dollar.

Epok Epok - $1 Each

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Seah Im Food Centre, 2 Seah Im Road, #01-36 Singapore 099114

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