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Friday, February 11, 2022

JustIn Flavours of Asia 新洲老爷

It's time for gathering and one of us had suggested supporting Singapore’s pioneer celebrity chef Justin Quek restaurant JustIn Flavours of Asia.

Though we had booked a table for 5 and it seems like there was not much selection of seats for the group due to the limited space in the restaurant.  We were to sit in 3 by 2, however, it will definitely be better to enjoy our Cze Char Dishes on a round table.

Justin Flavours of Asia 新洲老爷

There are not many non-alcoholic drinks for selection and we ended up with a pot of tea to share among ourselves. 

Lychee Red Tea - $18

The tea was dry and bitter, not worth the price paid.

Into Individual Cups

I'm quite impressed by the light and crispy prawn fritters. It was not oily and goes indeed very well with the Chilli Crab Dip. Though it is chilli dip, don't worry, the dip is not too spicy.

 Crispy Prawn Fritters With Chilli Crab Dip  香脆虾配新加坡辣椒酱 - $22

Lately, the appearance of the Royal Chives dish is getting more common in most of the Cze Char places and well-liked by many. The execution of such a dish is simple, yet achieves great taste with bean sprouts and garlic.

Wok Fried Royal Chives With Bean Sprouts and Garlic 蒜炒青龙菜佐银芽
Wok Fried Royal Chives With Bean Sprouts and Garlic 蒜炒青龙菜佐银芽 - $16

The Aburi Squid was my favourite dish among all. The flavours were zesty with lemon juice mixed in the sauces used on the vegetables. Aburi Squid's texture was good.

Aburi Squid With Lime, Roasted Garlic, Chilli and Coriander 烤乌贼佐泰式青柠檬蒜蓉酱
Aburi Squid With Lime, Roasted Garlic, Chilli and Coriander 烤乌贼佐泰式青柠檬蒜蓉酱 - $32

It sounded premium and a fusion to have Iberico Pork in our Chinese "Gu Lao Rou" Dish.  It has a combination of Spanish Iberico Pork over oriental ingredients like the Osmanthus flower. The dish does have its highlights apart from the usual ones with pine seeds and flowers used, however overall, we find that no doubt the Iberico Pork was used, the meat has nothing special from the normal ones we have.

Osmanthus Sweet & Sour Iberico Pork 桂花酸甜咕噜肉
Osmanthus Sweet & Sour Iberico Pork 桂花酸甜咕噜肉 - $32

Their recommended dish on their menu will be the Curry Fish Head. The fish is fresh and the curry was thick and strong, unlike the usual fragrant water base curry we had from the Cze Char Stall. The style of curry resembles more of the Indian culture, dark red in colour with a strong curry powder smell. Ingredients such as brinjal, tomatoes, chilli, coriander and ladyfingers were used.

Justin Curry Fish Head 星洲老爷咖喱鱼头
Justin Curry Fish Head 星洲老爷咖喱鱼头 - $48

$1 for a bowl of Jasmine rice is still reasonable. However, if you prefer something fragrant, they do have chicken rice's rice at $2 per bowl.

Jasmine Rice (Per Bowl) 茉莉香白米饭 (一份)
Jasmine Rice (Per Bowl) 茉莉香白米饭 (一份) - $1

The dishes are special and uniquely done with a twist but do not really leave a deep impression on Cze Char Dishes. If you are looking for Atas Cze Char that has refined tastes, you may want to try the dishes recommended on their menu.

Rating: 3.25  / 5

JustIn Flavours of Asia 新洲老爷
Location: The Shoppes Marina Bay Sands #01-83 Singapore 018972
Nearest Station:  Marina Bay (NS27 / CE2 / TE20 )

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