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Sunday, December 26, 2021


Published on 09 December 2021

The Aviation Theme Cafe is hidden within a plane hangar. It has an interesting view of parked airplanes and runway. The cafe is tuck away in Seletar Aerospace and if you are an aviation enthusiast, it gives you every reason to be here.

Entrance of Hangar66

The spacious eatery is welcoming with aviation decoration. Planes parts were used for example as the communal table and if you sit close to the windows at the main dining area, you will get a view of the working hanger area with planes.

Helicopter Anchored at the Dining Area

Just too bad, we missed the timing to order the main courses, thus we were only there for bar bites and drinks. 

Ice Chocolate & Long Black - $7.66 & $3.66

Luckily a consolation for us, the promotion on one for one Sapporo beer. 

1-for-1 Sapporo - $14.66

The Onion Rings are so much better than the ones we had over at the other cafe in Seletar Aerospace. Quality stuff with real onions under the golden brown batter and what makes it best is that I have them paired with my favourite Nachos Cheese.

Fried Onion Rings - $7.66

Since it was raining during our visit, a warm bowl of soup really makes us feel better. Lobster Bisque is good and dipping the toasted garlic bread into the creamy warm bowl of crustaceans flavour soup was definitely a stomach warmer on a cold and rainy day. 

Lobster Bisque - $7.66

Comparing this to the former soup, my personal preference will be the Lobster Bisque as that is more flavourful. However, this mushroom soups comes with mushroom chunks and goes well with garlic toast.

Mushroom Soup - $5.66

Fries are pretty standard with Truffle flavours and topped with cheese powder.

Truffle Fries - $8.66

Meat floss camouflaging the soft shell crab. 

Soft Shell Crab - $9.66

Their signature Hangar66 chicken wings are laudable. Crispy skin and well marinated.

Hangar 66 Chicken Wings - $8.66

Comparing this cafe to the one that we have been to recently, Hangar66 variety of bar snacks and tastes way better. Food pricing is reasonable too. As much as I realised, the price of the food ends with X.66 which signifies Hangar66. 

We will be back to enjoy the main courses, avoiding the bar bites hours (1430hrs - 1800hrs) as bar hours offers only bar bites, soup, salad, drinks and desserts.

2nd Visit in December 2021

We took effort and actually went back to Hangar66 for their main courses. It was not surprising that the place was packed at peak hours like this.

3 Sapporo Pints
3 Sapporo Pints - $23.66

We bought 3pints of Sapporo and was given a free sample size of their Signature Sichuan Mala Clams. Honestly, these clams complimented the beer and even though it was stated as Sichuan Mala, the spicy level are still bearable.

Sichuan Mala Clams (Sampler Size)
Sichuan Mala Clams (Sampler Size)

We ordered another bite that we did not manage to order during our first visit. The Zulu Prawn Twister is unique and resembles the wich's fingers. Not a bad choice if you want something light for bar bites.

Zulu Prawn Twister - $10.66

The mains come with 2 choices of sides to choose from,  Mixed Salad, French Fries, Sauteed Mushroom or Onion Rings. However, for Fish & Chips, they already come with fries therefore, we can only have 1 more choice of side to choose.

Fish & Chips - $14.66

It won't go wrong with the choice of sauteed mushroom as the side. The mushroom was plump and juicy, I wished we can have more.


Our downwind Beef Burger main was accompanied by mixed salad as well as fried onion rings. Presentation looks good with the choices of sides and black plate as base.

Downwind Beef Burger - $18.66

The beef patty was thick and succulent. Yummy.

The thickness of Beef Patty

For the sides, you may want to skip the mixed salad and go for the mushrooms instead. 

Close up of Onion Rings

Having been here twice, I find that the place is worth the price paid and reasonable. 

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Hangar66 Cafe
66 Seletar Aerospace View WOA Aviation Hangar 66 Level 1, Singapore 797509

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