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Thursday, December 7, 2023


We kind of strayed away from the mainstream visits recently on our trips into Johor Bahru as we find that Cafe Hopping and dining in Mall restaurants are getting duller day by day. 


Due to that, our trip to Johor Bahru was always a last-minute decision, we could never get a last-minute reservation from Binchotan after many attempts but we were glad we finally made it here.


The wooden theme furnishing may looked a bit in the 70s but it kind of shows a level of class with the marble cooking area with the wooden theme. Under the use of warm lighting, the settings feel comfortable.

Open Kitchen with Charcoal BBQ Stove

The atmosphere of the restaurant was good. Moreover, the attentive and friendly staff cater to our individual requests from the time of sitting down till the time of walking out of the restaurant.

On the Table

We enjoyed the impeccable service rendered during the visit.

Where Omakase takes place

We opted for the Yama Omakase and Taiyou Omakase priced at RM 268 and RM 468 respectively. The menu tends to change seasonally and it will be good to inform the chef about one's dietary preference prior to the visit.


As soon as we sat down, we were offered hot towel and choice of drink. 

Our Drink and Utensils

Opening of the Omakase session with Zensai, Japanese Style Meal Appetizer.


Yama Omakase

Served with 1 Zensai, the sphere-shaped crispy biscuit on the top was opened, containing sashimi bits topped with roes. 

Taiyou Omakase

Served with 2 Zensai, an additional bite-size pau and was advised to finish it in a mouth as the fillings would be oozing out.

These items were placed on a bed of beans, assumingly for decoration. 

1 & 2 Zensai 

When you get a cheerful chef, you know you will get good food. The chef is dedicated to every detail of the dish. Each dish was beautifully crafted and the use of ingredients was also explained by him.

Slicing up the fish

Torching the meat



Taiyou Omakase has 3 kinds of Sashimi. We were served with Oyster on the shell paired with sweetened green apple sauce adorn by mini flowers.

The Shirako tasted weird to me initially with its smooth and creamy taste.  

While the last sashimi on the place was raw fish topped with wakame.

3 Types of Sashimi (Taiyou Omakase)


While only the Taiyou Omakase set offers Carpaccio, I would say that the slices are thick and pairing with the seasonings as well as toppings, its awesome!


2 Handrolls

With the Yama Omakase set, these 2 handrolls were part of it.

The Chef took out the slices of fish, placed them on the stone and fired them with the blow torch. 

Blow Torching

It was not rolled up typically like what we had from the Japanese restaurant, instead, it was served on a wooden block that cradles the Seafeed and rice with the torched slices of fishes placed on it.

Handroll with Rice & Fish

Likewise for the Unagi, it was taken out from their fridge and torched before serving.


We enjoyed the crispy sheet of seaweed together with the sweet-coated unagi and rice.

Handroll with Unagi

Hot Dishes 

The Yama Omakase was entitled to only 1 hot dish while the Taiyou Omakase gets 3 of it.

The Miso glazed Eggplant was soft and charred on its sides. If you enjoy having eggplant, you will absolutely love this. The eggplant is well caramelized on the edges and its so creamy in the middle. The dish was topped with sakura ebi as well as Ebiko.

Miso Glazed Egg Plant

The 2nd Hot dish was none other than the Chicken sausage which the chef had related to me as Malaysian's popular street food "Lok Lok". It was served with egg yolk by the side and had flower petals as well as caviars topping up the dish.

Chicken Sausage

We were served with stewed lobster with its plump and succulent meat in natural sweetness, The Lobster was decked up by white asparagus and topped with some cut chives. 

Stewed Lobster 

Mini Beef Don or Chirashi Don

For the Taiyou Omakase, we get to choose between Mini Beef Don or Chirashi Don. We opted for the Mini Beef Don. The marinated beef was BBQ under the charcoal fire by a staff in the open kitchen. 


It was then sliced into pieces and plated nicely on a bed of pearl white rice with Uni, egg yolk & topped with Caviar, slices of truffle as well and chives. Look at the yummy pieces of pinkish slices of beef.

Mini Beef Don 


We were served with the Lala soup. It has a concentrated taste without any sights of the Lala Clams. It was explained that the soup was boiled 2 days before serving us. 

Lala Soup


All good things come with an end. Here's the lovely ending with dessert.

The Yama Omakase set gets a serving of the Yuzu sorbet adorned by the orange Yuzu Sauce and is topped with dried frozen strawberries.

Yuzu Sorbet

While the Taiyou Omakase Set was served with Matcha Ice Cream puff and Milk in the puff. They are aesthetically presented on a mini platform with flowers and an Autumn leaf.

Ice Cream & Puff

If you feel like having something special apart from the mainstream cafes and malls' restaurants, perhaps having Omakase in Johor Bahru can spice up the itineraries as well as experience a different level of culinary in Malaysia. 

Binchotan JB
 15, Jalan Kuning 2, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

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