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Wednesday, November 17, 2021


Having passed by this Authentic Thai Food Restaurant in Changi Village for the unkempt times, I finally got a chance to dine there. The interior was modern and the external seats were quite rustic, similar to some other Thai restaurants. 


I have always enjoyed having Thai Milk Tea as they have a distinct tea taste that the English Milk Tea doesn't have. The Thai Milk Tea was good but unfortunately, the Thai Green Milk Tea was on a diluted side.

Homemade Traditional Thai Green milk Tea & Thai Milk Tea - $3.80 & $3 Respectively

It's been a long time since I had Thai Red Curry. The dish can be served with Pork or Chicken, Rice or noodles. Thai Red Curry is on a sweeter side as compared to Singapore's curry and for spicy level, I guess this dish has been tailored to suit Singaporeans' tastebuds ~ it's almost not spicy at all. 

Red Curry with Chicken in Rice - $7.80

Ingredients include tomato, long beans and chicken. The Red Curry caught my appetite and I can finish the big plate of white rice just with the bowl of curry.

Yummy Red Curry!

Take a look at the ingredients in the curry. There was a generous portion of meat.

Red Curry Ingredients

Egg Omelette can be done with minced pork or prawn and we chose the latter. Prawns were small in size though egg was well presented in shape, it was a tad dry for me.

Egg Omelette - $10

The Stir-Fried Thai Vermecilli comes with chicken meat version if you prefer that to Seafood and vegetables. The execution of the dish was more towards a wet version with natural sweet taste from the eggs as well as the seafood.

Stir Fried Thai Vermecilli with Vegetables and Seafood- $9.80

Do not underestimate the spicy level of this side dish. Initially, the spicy level was still bearable but as we keep popping the food into the mouth, the fiery sensation comes. The Papaya Salad can be served with salted egg for an additional $2.

Spicy Thai Green Papaya Salad - $6.80

The price overall is reasonable with no GST and service charge. As for the food, they tasted decent to me.

Rating: 3 / 5

Blk 4, Changi Village Road #01-2086 Singapore 500004

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