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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Bread Street Kitchen

The industrial warehouse designed restaurant and bar, Bread Street Kitchen, which modeled after its London counterparts is serving British-European menu in this bustling place of Singapore, Marina Bay Sands or MBS in Short. For those that do not know, this is the celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay's 2nd Restaurant in Asia.

Bread Street Kitchen At MBS
Without reservation, we manage to grab a table as "walk-in" customer for limited timing as pre-agreed with the servers. Avoiding the weekend crowd, we went in the early evening and luckily got a table by the side of the window, a lovely corner good for people watching.

The assorted complimentary bread was served lukewarm with a block of margarine at the side. It was refillable and interestingly served in an assorted where you can enjoyed different texture.

Complimentary Breads
Love the checkered flooring and the laid back feel of the restaurant. Though furnishing may be dim in colors but during the day time with natural lights coming in from outside, it turns out to be very bright. I bet that when night falls, its going to be very cozy and romantic here!

Besides the sparkling water we had, we ordered a glass of vanilla milkshake. Pretty ordinary with not much of strong vanilla taste. The milkshake was topped with chocolate bits and smaller marshmallows.

Vanilla Milkshake - $12
Simply looks like eating something from the part of the bark of the tree as the dish was served on an earthy log. Roasted veal carpaccio was smokey, not gamey and brought together beautifully with the runy quail's egg, dill pickles mix in tuna dressing. What an appetizer that balance the flavor and texture!

Roasted veal carpaccio, dill pickles, quail's egg, tuna dressing - $26
Cider Onion soup was awesome, it was not too creamy or gelat for us. We were very please about its pleasant taste and the 3 cheddar cheese toastie that floats.

Cider-onion soup, cheddar cheese toastie - $17
The must order dish when you are in Bread Street Kitchen. Indulging the traditional fish & chips we do find in London, a large chunk of it fried to its golden brown perfection with big cut chips. The thin and crispy batter had been well executed and holds the fish as a whole. Besides having the homemade Tartar sauce and lemon wedges by the side, there is minted scented crushed peas to complete the meal.

Traditional Fish & Chips, crushed peas, tartar sauce - $29
Pork belly? Really? Our kind of Chinese "Sio Bak" (Roasted Pork Belly) being served right here in Bread Street Kitchen. The external layer of Pork Belly was crisply done up leaving a good crackling bite while the pork literally melts in our mouths.

Slow-roasted Dingley Dell pork belly, spice apple puree - $29

What pondered us was that how did they manage to make the bite so crispy without compromising the juiciness taste in the pork belly meat.

Crispy Pork Belly Skin
Awesome! Moreover the paring of spice apple puree makes it different, loving the fresh tartness from the apple and they did marry well with the slab of Pork Belly.

With Heavnly Pork Belly
We did manage to dine within the time limit and all went well despite the 20-30 minutes wait upon getting our food. For those who wish to make a visit, do remember to make a reservation early to avoid disappointment. Overall service was attentive and friendly, I won't mind coming back again if its for special occasion.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Bread Street Kitchen
Location: 2 Bayfront Avenue, #01-81 Bay Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018972

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