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Friday, July 16, 2021

Mentai Sens

While making rounds at the hawker of Beauty World's Center, we have decided to try Mentai Sens since we have passed this stall by so many times.

Stall of Mentai Sens

Signature Mentiko Salmon Don was topped up with an egg at an additional cost of $0.80. There was a generous portion of Mentaiko mayo over the salmon and this was below blow-torched. For the price and portion, its reasonable. 

Signature Mentaiko Salmon Don 招牌明太子三文鱼丼- $6.20 + Egg $0.80

While the portion of Gyuniku Don already comes with egg, there is no add ons for us. The slices of beef is alittle bit tough and thick but the marinade was just nice. As for the rice texture, it was just nice and not soggy.

Gyuniku Don (Beef) 酱煮牛肉丼 - $5.50

This is another variation of Gyuniku Don topped with Mentaiko making it more savoury.

Mentaiko Gyuniku Don 明太子牛肉丼 - $6.80

The slab of cut chicken was flavourful and together in its torched Mentaiko sauce, it make the meal delicious. However, the additional egg was overcook and was out of presentation

Mentaiko Chicken Don 明太子鸡扒丼 - $5.70 + Egg $0.80

Side View of Mentaiko Chicken Don

If you are a cheese lover, this combination of Cheese and Pork Katsu will may you. 

Cheese Pork Katsu Don 芝士猪扒丼 - $6.20

Mentai Sens has served quality Japanese Donburi at a pocket friendly prices. Simply love the generosity in their portion and its really value for money.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Mentai Sens
Location: Beauty world center, 144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #04-K1, Singapore 588177 

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