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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Coexist Coffee Co.

Coexist Coffee Co., the new hidden rooftop café located in Industrial building has been the talk of the town in social media recently. 

Can you spot the Cafe on the Roof Top

The building's lift will only takes you up to the 7th Storey and you will have to climb up the flight of stairway, passing through this narrow passage way to reach Coexist Coffee Co. 

The flight of stairs to climb after reaching 7th Storey

Narrow Passage Way to Coexist 

No doubt that it is located in ulu location, you might be surprised that this place still draw a constant stream of crowd even on weekdays and waiting time can be 45 minutes or even longer.

Waiting Time Estimated

The café is decked out in dual tone, red and white whereby the colors has distinguishingly separated out the entire indoor floor area. Interior was minimally furnished and spacious. If you notice, there is a long cantilevered table that splits the space.

Prior to the setup of Coexist Coffee Co., the building's canteen was actually occupying the space.

Look at the long table

Coexist Coffee Co. serves Espresso as well as filtered coffee. Apart from that, they are also serving tea, kombucha and cold-pressed juices. Beans were self roasted and self-sourced, so don't leave the place without grabbing a cup of coffee.

Something's Brewing

With big windows panel and situated on roof tops, the place is bright with good source amount of natural lighting overlooking the tranquil scenery of Hillview. Looking at the rustic red tiles, we learnt that those are the 

Closer Look of the interior

Enjoying the estate view at the roof top of an industrial building. The place was surrounded by greenery, warehouses, residentials as well as an angled view of Little Guilin.

Estate View

For the external seats, the table are rustic, resembling crates on wheels, however if you are somebody who need leg room for dining, the internal seating will be more suitable. 

External Dining Area

It took us some time in getting ready all our orders from the kitchen. Look at the colors, not only is the café aesthetically designed, the food colors also warms my stomach.

Our Orders

Initially, the cups were mistaken as paper cups while serving and until the server told us its not. Our beverages were served with art in porcelain cups.

Matcha & Mocha - $5.50each

The dish was generally well executed with plump crab meat with chili crab sauce and poached egg as well as some slices of fried Mantou. Sauce is a spicy but tolerable and the tanginess  from the tomato chunks were yummy. This dish is great for sharing.

Chili Crab Shashuka - $16

The dish is quite straight forward with 3 items on the plate, Grass-fed Australian Ribeye Steak, Two Sunny Side ups, Mesclun and rocket salad. Meat was lightly seasoned and this style fits me as I can enjoy the steak's natural flavour.

Steak & Eggs - $26

The steak was juicy and favorable. Texture was perfectly done however, we find that it was on a saltier side. 

Juicy Meat

Cafe food taste and beverage are better than average. However, be prepared to wait for the food to be served especially during peak hours. Perhaps give them sometime to manage the operation, afterall they have just started the business officially on 29th June 2021.

If you are driving, parking is free of charge in the industrial area.

Carpark Lots of Industrial Building with Security Post

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Coexist Coffee Co. 
48 Hillview Terrace #08 Singapore 669269
Nearest Station: Hillview (DT3) / Bukit Gombak (NS3)

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