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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Yummy Yap Eating House

A good breakfast suggestion by the pal and we headed all the way from the West and into Ang Mo Kio area, reaching out to Yummy Yap Eating House. 

Yummy Yap Eating House

Yummy Yap Eating House is humbly located below the old HDB estate. Interior was modernly furnished and seating spaces are rather limited.


The rich and savoury prawn broth makes the Pao Fan so tasty. It is served with prawns, fish cakes and slices of pork. Together with the grains of pearl white rice, there is no regret ordering this.

Prawn Soup Pao Fan 虾汤泡饭 - $6

The Prawn Noodle Set A comes with a default bowl of prawn noodle with choice of dry or soup version and a bowl of braised chicken feet. I had a combination of yellow noodles with Kway Teow and had chosen to add chilli to my breakfast. They use the thinner form of Kway Teow (Kway Teow Kia) and I'm kind of impress by my first mouthful of noodles. Instead of having just chilli, condiments like ketchup was included. It tasted well enough and reminded me of some childhood noodles.

Set A - Prawn Noodle & Chicken Feet (A 套餐 虾面+凤爪+香菇) - $8

 Ingredients amount was acceptable with slices of pork, fish cakes, Kang kong and best of all, there are 3 full plump & juicy prawns ~ at least we did not get half of them compared to some other places. 

Ingredients in a closer look

Braised chicken feet were great. The braised taste was prominent and with tasty mushrooms too.

Braised Chicken Feet with mushroom

Drinks were ordered separately after we had done our meal. However, we both agreed that the drink had too much syrup for us and skip them. We could barely even finish up a third of the cup and concluded that we should have bought 1 cup and share between us instead.

Lime Juice - $2

Overall, the standard of food is definitely there and given the chance, I don't mind making a return for other stuff on the menu. Besides their signature prawn noodle, it is known that they are serving delicious pork belly rice too.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Yummy Yap
 159 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, #01-532, Singapore 560159

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