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Friday, December 18, 2020

Ratchada Thai Food

We noticed about the crowd in this Thai Bistro every time as we walked along the shophouses in Bukit Batok Central.

Ratchada Thai Bistro

One evening, we decided to give it a try. Just at the entrance, we noticed that they are offering $1 for each bowl of boat noodles and that caught my eyes.

Ratchada Thai Bistro

Interior was simple with faux grass patches on its walls. The entire place have limited seating internally and a few tables outside.


Let's check out the menu booklet and choose what to order.


While we have ordered Thai Milk Tea and Lemongrass to accompany our meal.

Thai Milk Tea and Lemongrass Tea - $2.80 each

Moo Ping or Pork Skewer is one of my favourite starters in Thai Cuisine. It was kind of healthier version without the fat layers of pork.

Signature Pork Skewer ( 4 | 8 | 12 pcs) - $7.80 / $14.80 / $21.50

Pandan chicken came in a dish of 4 pieces for the small portion. I felt that there should have more room for improvement for its marinated taste.

Fragrant Pandan Chicken (4 pcs) - $7.80 | $14.80 | $21.50

Game for some boat noodles? Priced at $1 per bowl, I would say that these mouthful bowls of boat noodles have attracted most of the patrons in there. There are two kinds of soup based to select from, either the red Tom Yum or Thai Herb. Apart from these, there are 6 variations to choose from, namely: 
  1. beef slice
  2. beef ball
  3. chicken slice
  4. pork slice
  5. pork ball
  6. pork liver

Boat Noodle - $1 per bowl

The Thick Thai Herb is packed of flavours in the right amount. Besides just Thai Herb, the thickness consistency has hints of coconut cream.

Boat Noodle in Thai Herb

On the other hand, Tom Yum soup based is red. It has a sharper and tangy taste, awakening up one's taste buds.

Boat Noodle in Tom Yum

Pineapple Fried Rice did not disappoint. It was presentable with tomato and cucumber slices tuck by the side. The rice consists of pineapple cubes with mixed beans, raisins, topped with meat floss and a handful of my favourite cashew nuts.

Authentic Pineapple Fried Rice - $5.50 | $8.50 | $11.50

With so many food choices around in Bukit Batok Central, Ratchada Thai Food will be considered as one of the preferred food places to go to if you are looking for decent Thai Food.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Ratchada Thai Food
 643 Bukit Batok Central #01-42, Singapore 650643

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