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Monday, December 7, 2020

Just Nuts [Media Invite]

Just Nuts is a Singapore nuts delivery and an Award-Winning Organic Nut Suppliers. They are also listed as one of the Best 7 Nuts & Snacks in Singapore.

They use zero pesticides on their products which makes them 100% natural and organic. They pledge to deliver the products Island wide within an hour. Therefore one can bid goodbye to the long waits in other online orders that take up to a few days of wait.

Besides that, products are guaranteed and if you receive any bad products, they are 100% replaceable. This gives the customers assurance and confidence in the products and services.

Assorted Nuts in Packaging

Just Nuts source the nuts from trusted farms that practice sustainability and are ethical. Their packaging is portioned out to small handy packet easier for consumers to enjoy and to carry about. 

Quality control is ensured in the factory and the nuts are individually hand plucked at the farm. To ensure freshness, they are directly sent from the factory to Just Nuts pantry then immediately deliver to the customer.

Nuts Ordered

Walnuts aids in reducing cholesterol levels and contain many vitamins and minerals. Not only that, its beneficial for the brain too and it contains higher amounts of antioxidants than most other foods. If you are having a salad, it will be a good choice to have them included in the meal.

Walnuts (Raw) - $3.50 (100g)

Cashew nuts are my favourite among all nuts. They consist of many health benefits and they contain plant protein that is good for the skin, muscles and hair. They are baked fresh and simply a healthy snack.

Cashew Nuts (Baked) - $3.80 at 100g
Macadamias nuts contain a lot of fibre and good fatty acids which are good for the human heart. They are popular for its light texture and delicious as a snack on its own.

Macadamias (Raw) - $7.50 (100g)

Honey Roasted Almonds were coated with fine sugar and I can't stop popping into my mouth ever since I start to take photographs of them.

Almond (Honey Roasted) - $3.50

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Best in Singapore
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