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Sunday, December 27, 2020

Lengkok Bahru Fishball Noodles

Used to patronised this old school Fishball Noodles stall when I was working in that area. Almost after a decade, this coffeeshop still maintains its rundown and rustic interior, without any modern renovation like most coffee shops in Singapore. However, its outlook and environment do not deter its patrons from visiting, in fact, the coffee shop is still bustling as ever and finding a seat is still an issue. The humble coffee shop has just 2 stalls, the Fishball Noodles stall and a drink stall that sells traditional steamed bread and beverages.

Fishball Noodles Stall in the Coffeeshop

Looking at the man who manages the stall, it was no longer the uncle that I'm familiar with. Hoping that I still get the old school childhood taste of the noodles, I tasted the bowl of soup first. I was disappointed as the taste was totally different from what I used to have.

The medium portion I had was filled with minced meat, fishcakes, meatball, fish dumpling and fishballs beside Kway Teow noodles.

Noodles - $4 (Medium)

The taste of noodles was no longer the one I have recalled. The chili taste was bland and overall the noodles were rather dry.


For those who have a bigger appetite, you can order the bigger portion of $5, however, the biggest portion may not even satisfy your hunger.

Noodles (Big) - $5

Though it's meant to be traditional in taste, I find that it's rather disappointing waiting for half an hour for a mediocre bowl of noodles. I still prefer the old school fishball noodle taste by the previous owner.

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Lengkok Bahru Fishball Noodles
Location: Block 58 Lengkok Bahru Singapore 150058
Nearest MRT Station: Redhill (EW18)

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