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Monday, November 2, 2020

My Seafood House 珍阁

Dinner date with the sibling and she has recommended My Seafood House Cze Char from Jurong Gateway road and it is located in one of the Coffeeshop.

Stall in the Coffeeshop

One of my favourite orders from Cze Char Stall from time to time will be the "Cai Poh" Beancurd. The "Cai Poh" aka preserved vegetables were deep-fried, covering up the entire block of beancurd.

'Cai Poh' Beancurd 菜脯豆腐 - $12

The sweet-tasting sauce accompanied by the stalks of broccoli has hints of Chinese wine, a new combination of taste that I ever had.

Yummy Beancurd

For the moment when the dish was served, we were puzzled if our order were mixed up as the main thing we saw on the dish was pineapples on chicken. Thereafter the server explained that they use strips of mango with sauce together with the fruits on top of the chicken. The chicken was Crispy and tasty in its combination.

Mango chicken 芒果 - $10 (Small) 

There are 4 kinds of Omelette in the menu, Furong, prawn, onion and oyster and we had chosen the last one.  The omelette was not too greasy and the number of Oysters was good enough in proportion to the number of eggs used.

Oyster Omelette 蚝煎蛋 - $10 (Small)

Superior Spinach is a common dish you can order from Cze Char stall. It consists of a mixture of eggs (century, salted egg and the usual egg) with spinach, red dates, Goji Berri cooked in delicious stock and top with some fried anchovies to elevate its fragrance.

Superior Spinach 三皇苋菜  - $12 (Small)

One of the special dishes order was the Wine Chicken Pot. It was strong in wine taste added with Chinese herbs, ginger and blank fungus. The bitter taste from the wine and herbs may not be everyone's liking but such cooking style does satiate my palate.

Wine Chicken Pot 葡萄酒鸡 - $15 (Small)

Owners of My Seafood house is an elderly couple and they are friendly. Overall, the standard of Cze Char is acceptable.

Rating: 3 / 5

My Seafood House
130 Jurong Gateway Rd, #01-211, Singapore 600130

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