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Friday, March 6, 2020

Rezeki Seafood Restaurant

Many trips made to Batam but I never have the chance to travel to Rezeki as it is located at one far end of the Island and often far far away from our accommodation which is usually near Batam City Center.

The restaurant is big and spacious, deck up in part of the sea.

Having said that, this trip will not be successful without our chauffeur. In fact, in order to go around Batam Island, it will be best that we hire a day or two chauffeur service so that we are mobile. Though GRAB service is available in Batam, there is still a limitation of their service due to some constraints.

Outside the restaurant near the parking area
For every fresh seafood restaurant, we will just get to see this corner whereby the live seafood is being housed here.

Seafood Pond
Shortly after we had chosen our seats, we were given a menu. Menu was extensive and they list the cooking method for each seafood in English, Malay, Hanyu Pin Yin language, illustrated with some pictures.
Rezeki Seafood Restaurant
There were not many local customers or foreigners but just 3-4 tables of us in the dining section.

Dining Area 
Comparing to Singapore where our currency is about 10,00 times ($1 to 10,000 Rp), these dishes were more than affordable as compared back home.

With Petai as our favorite dish, we see no reason skipping this dish. It was stirred fried with Sambal sauce and some yellow onions. Not too spicy for us as requested and taste-wise, it's quite similar to our home.

Petai Sambal - 35,000 Rp
These prawns caught our surprise as we did not encounter such prawns in Singapore where the shell is as hard as crayfish. There were many styles of cooking of their seafood for selection and each prawn cost 50,000 Rp. We have them steamed and with their shell being so tough, we have to be careful removing them as it can be very sharp. The texture of meat did not taste like the usual prawn meat we had, it's more towards the crayfish quality. It was a good experience though.

Udang Belalang  螳螂虾 - 200,000
The recommended style of cooking of Lala will be their Spicy Lala. Although the chinese description on the menu sounds different, the dish was well executed in their Sambal sauce. It was not too oily and these Lala were definitely fresh and suits our tastebuds.

Lala Sambal 调料拉拉 - 75,000
With 1 Kg at 60,000 Rp, we ordered half of it. We have a no-brainer choice, since their signature and recommended Clam (Cockles) dish is stirred fried we garlic.

Kerang Tumis 大蒜蛤 - 30,000
These clams were gigantic to those we have in the market back home. Together with yellow onion, green pepper and some chili, its simple and delicious. Better of all, the gravy was sweet and good pairing to the white rice.

Big Size
To be honest, before going to Rezeki, I have not much expectation. The style of cooking and standard suits us pretty well.  Their Seafood was fresh and most importantly was not too spicy. The staff was friendly and approachable. Though location may not be of advantage if we are staying in the City Center, I will still recommend these to my friends who are looking for seafood treats in Batam.

Rezeki Seafood Restaurant
Location: Pantai Batu Besar Jl.Haji Muhammad Saleh RT 002/RW 001 Pulau Batam Kepulauan Riau , Indonesia


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